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Park System Master Plan 2021


The planning process for nine Bloomington parks got underway in June, 2022. The nine parks are Brookside, Bryant, Gene Kelly, Poplar Bridge, Running, Smith, Southwood, Sunrise, and Tretbaugh.  For more details on this process and opportunities to provide input, visit the Park Planning page.  

Park System Master Plan Approved!

The City of Bloomington initiated the process of developing a new Park System Master Plan in November 2019. With extensive and invaluable assistance from consultants, City staff and most importantly, the community, the plan is now complete. At its August 30, 2021 meeting, the Bloomington City Council formally adopted the Park System Master Plan.  

The process was purposeful and robust, capturing the voices of Bloomington residents while completing several studies to understand how Bloomington can provide new park amenities and experiences. Natural resources, trails, new park amenities and equity are priority themes that will be addressed with the new Plan.

Community Input Doesn't End Here

Adoption of the plan doesn't mean community involvement and participation in park projects is now over. The Park System Master Plan is just that, a master plan. As new park projects are considered and individual park plans are developed, hearing from the community will be a necessity.

The Park System Master Plan, as adopted, provides us with a clear action plan and guidance for improvements to Bloomington's parks, trails, facilities, recreational programs and green spaces. And the continued involvement of the community ensures its successful implementation.  

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The City of Bloomington has 97 parks and over 40 miles of off-road trails. The Park System contains 45 playgrounds, 16 park buildings, 17 picnic shelters, two golf courses, an art center, indoor ice arena, outdoor aquatic center, a community/senior center, a swimming and recreational beach and a variety of athletic fields. Many of these facilities were built in the 1960s and 70s. While upgrades and replacement have occurred through the years, maintenance and modernization to meet changing needs remains a persistent challenge.

The Park System also supports a comprehensive array of arts, recreation, leisure and cultural programs to a diverse population with a wide range of recreational needs. Recreation program opportunities include: adult athletic leagues, outdoor skating rinks, adaptive recreation and inclusion services, arts-in-the-parks, bandshell concert series, special events (Summer-Fete, Winter-Fete, Halloween party, egg hunt), River Rendezvous, golf, indoor figure skating/hockey, swimming, tennis, pickleball and summer playgrounds.

Bloomington’s parks where developed over 50 years ago. Since then, the population and trends in parks and recreation have changed. Planning provides a road map for how to update parks to create a balanced system of amenities and recreational experiences. 

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