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Pavement Management Program (PMP)

2024-101 PMP Street Improvement Project – Street Width Survey Results

Overlook Drive

  • Option A (32’ width):  5
  • Option B (28’ width):  3
  • No response:  6

Meadowview Road

  • Option A (32’ width):  4
  • Option B (28’ width):  4
  • No response:  15

Orchard Springs Road

  • Option A (32’ width):  0
  • Option B (28’ width):  10
  • No response:  0

*Note:  8 of 10 responses indicated preference of 28’ with no curb and gutter. 


The City of Bloomington maintains around 342 miles of city streets. This includes snow removal, crack sealing, street patching, sweeping as well as structural maintenance.

Three construction techniques are used as part of the PMP program:

  1. Sealcoat involves spraying a bituminous adhesive on the existing surface. The surface is then topped with small, graded aggregate rock. Excess aggregate is swept off and recycled. This helps protect pavement from oxidation and the effects of moisture.  Street segments are typically crack sealed the year prior to sealcoating.
  2. Mill and Overlay involves grinding off the top layer of surface and installing a new top layer of pavement. This extends the life cycle of the original pavement. Additionally, street segments are typically crack sealed within a year or two of completing a mill and overlay to extend the life of the pavement.
  3. Reconstruction removes and replaces existing asphalt pavement and aggregate base. Curbs and gutters are installed if necessary. 


Street Restoration Map

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PMP candidates

PMP trails

The PMP trails program addresses the design, construction, and maintenance of the City’s 25 miles of street trails and 13 miles of park trails.

Trail segments selected for rehabilitation are designed to meet modern standards, including minimum trail widths and proper geometry. The construction techniques used include crack sealing, fog sealing, or completing reconstruction. 

Trails projects do not occur every year.  Annual funding amounts are saved until they meet budgeted project amounts.

The next PMP trails project will include the reconstruction of the asphalt trails within the Dred Scott Park area.  Also as part of this project, the Girard Lake Park Parking Lot will be reconstructed to include an asphalt parking lot with concrete curb and gutter.  This work is anticipated to occur in Fall 2022.