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Pending Special Assessments

Special assessments allow the City to charge properties for local improvements or to collect charges for services that will benefit the properties. These assessments finance many types of local improvements, including street and sidewalks, storm and sanitary sewer systems, steam heating mains, street lights, water works systems, parks, open space, playgrounds and recreational facilities.

  • Pending Assessments Lookup - Engineering Projects Only
  • For additional information or project details, contact:
    • Assessor's Office
      PH: 952-563-8722; FAX: 952-563-4741
      General questions, payment option and requests for a written Special Assessment Search.
    • Engineering Division
      PH: 952-563-4543; FAX: 952-563-4868
      Questions regarding project details and connection charges.
  • Other unpaid charges
    To receive verbal verification of any unpaid charges that are NOT included in the above Pending Assessments Lookup, contact the following areas:
    • Finance/Accounts Receivable
      PH: 952-563-8697 or
      Email: AND
      *When emailing your inquiry, please send to both email addresses above to ensure prompt response to your request.
      Questions regarding tree removal, weed control, abatements, civil citations and nuisance calls, such as Environmental Health or Building and inspection violations.
    • Utility Billing
      PH: 952-563-8726
      Questions regarding utility charges for water and sewer service.