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Organics recycling

Celebrate the Organics program this summer!

This summer, join Solid Waste staff in the park for a popup organics recycling celebration. Learn more:

Curbside organics recycling

The City program picks up food scraps and other compostable items weekly.  Items picked up are turned into nutrient rich compost!  There is no extra cost to take part. You must sign up for a cart to be delivered to your home to get started.

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Organics recycling drop-offs

 Residents without city curbside organics service, including people who live in townhomes, condos and apartment buildings, can bring their food scraps and non-recyclable paper to organics drop-off sites located in Bloomington. These sites are offered at NO ADDITIONAL COST to residents. 

You must sign up to use the organics drop-offs.  A welcome kit will be delivered to residents who register. This starter kit includes details on how to recycle organics and compostable bags.

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