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Contact Information

Utility Billing


How to set up service


How to pay your bill

The most cost effective way to pay your bill is to sign up with autopay from your checking or savings account, since postage isn't required. You will still receive a paper statement informing you of the amount to be drafted from your account on your due date. 

  • Online
  • By mail
  • At Civic Plaza
    • Customers can pay in person with the cashier in the Finance department, 2nd floor.
    • Drop boxes are located at both ends of the building and also in the west-side parking lot


Rates and cart sizes

The cost for garbage service varies based on the size of your cart. The cost for recycling and organics recycling is paid for by everyone per State Statute and doesn’t vary based on the size of your cart. The Bulky Item Management Fee is also paid for by everyone.  Yard waste service is a subscription service, as well as all "on-call" services.  Contact Utility Billing to change the size of your cart, get an extra recycling cart, or sign up for an organics recycling cart. You can also sign up for an organics recycling cart online at Prices listed below are the monthly cost for each service. Your Utility Bill reflects two months of service.

Personalized billing options