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New plan for managing bulky items starts in 2022

After months of digital community engagement, a survey and community listening sessions, the City Council approved a new plan for handling bulky waste items in a more sustainable way than the Curbside Cleanup program of the past. The purpose behind the new program and the added activities, listed below, is to reuse and recycle more, and landfill less. The new plan and activities begin this year, including changes to the spring Curbside Cleanup with limited items accepted.

Changes in the new program include:

  • A Curbside Cleanup event that will take place every other year, on even years only, starting in 2022.

  • Small items that can fit in a small garbage cart will no longer be accepted during the cleanup, read more on these items below in 2022 Curbside Cleanup guidelines.

  • A new annual drop-off event in the fall for recyclable materials will be open to all Bloomington residents.

  • Swap events in the summer for exchanging items such as sporting goods or gardening tools will be open to all Bloomington residents.

  • The City is also exploring options to have a regular pickup of reusable bulky items for customers with City garbage and recycling.

To learn more about the process for making the transition, visit