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Contact Information

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Citywide Curbside Cleanup


Clean up your basement, garage, yard or home during the annual Citywide Curbside Cleanup. This is a great opportunity to dispose of bulky, unwanted items that are not routinely collected by your trash hauler.

Residents who pay the annual cost for the program are eligible to participate in the cleanup. If Citywide Curbside Cleanup is listed on your utility bill, your home is eligible to participate. Apartments and some town homes may not be included in the program, so contact your management or homeowner's association to see if they pay for the service, or call the City Utility Billing Department at 952-563-8726.     

Program details

  • Do not put materials out more than two days before your scheduled pickup day.
  • Do not put items in plastic bags. Everything, except furniture and large metal, must be boxed or bundled with twine.
  • Set your materials at the curb by 7 a.m. on your pickup day.
  • Weight must not exceed 100 pounds per item/box.
  • Place items in four piles: large metal, appliances, brush and general junk. Note: Containers will be disposed of along with the items within.
  • Trucks will go through only once on your scheduled day. If you miss your curbside pickup, you will be responsible for disposing of the refuse. You can also call Utility Billing at 952-563-8726 and see if you can schedule a bulky materials pickup for an extra fee.
  • Curbside Cleanup is for Bloomington residents ONLY. Excess materials could cost you more money!    

Donate reusable items

Do you have any items that are still usable? Instead of sending these items to a landfill, please consider donating them so someone else can use them. Click for a list of organizations that accept donations of reusable items

Usable items are items you would feel comfortable giving to a friend or family member. These items are quality gently used and new items, fully-functioning, and free of rips, stains and pet hair. 

If your item needs repair, consider mending it. Attend Fix-It Clinics by repairing your items; it could prevent your items from going into the landfill!

Illegal dumping and rummagers

When rummagers cut lines in refrigerators and air conditioners to steal the copper, Freon or Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are released into the air and accelerate the depletion of ozone. Therefore, please do not set out such appliances until the morning of your collection day.

To report illegal dumping or rummagers making a mess, call 911.    

Accepted materials

To keep program costs low, quantity limits on accepted items are enforced. Item quantity limits are specified below. Any items exceeding the specified limits will remain on the curb and residents will need to arrange for bulk material disposal. Excess materials will cost you more. The following items will be accepted at the curb.


  • Water heaters, microwaves, washers, dryers, stoves, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, freezers, dishwashers, trash compactors, garbage disposals, water coolers, refrigerators.
  • For any appliance big enough for a child or pet to enter, remove the door(s) or tie securely shut.
  • Limit TWO (2) appliances per house; no need to call ahead.
  • Do not set out appliances until the morning of your pickup.
  • No electronics (TVs, computers, printers, stereos, cell phones etc.)


  • Branches must be smaller than three inches in diameter and five feet in length and tied with twine. Place in bundles that can be carried by one person, otherwise, they will not be picked up.
  • Brush piles must be no more than what can fit in one (1) level standard-size pickup truck.

Carpets/carpet pads

  • Roll up carpets and carpet pads and tie them securely with twine.
  • Rolls must be less than five feet long and less than one (1) foot in diameter – larger rolls will not be accepted.

General junk and household building materials (lumber, windows, doors)  

  • Pile size is limited to what fits in one (1) level standard-size pickup truck. A standard-size pickup truck is 8 feet in length, 4 feet in width and 2 feet in height.
  • Lumber must be stacked and no longer than five feet.
  • Remove or bend nails.
  • Boxed or bundled with twine - under 100 pounds per item.
  • No household trash such as food waste.
  • No plastic bags.
  • No railroad ties.
  • No chemically treated lumber or wood (i.e. treated to waterproof material)
  • No construction materials from businesses or contractors.
  • No paint, solvents, chemicals or other hazardous waste.

Large scrap metal ONLY

  • "Large" is defined as a piece of scrap metal too big to fit in the trunk of a car. Examples: swing sets, barbecue grills, bikes, treadmills, lawn mowers, snow blowers.
  • Should be broken down to ensure hauler can get it in the truck and that a single person will be able to manage it.
  • Drain any oil, gas and other fluids and remove tires.
  • Smaller scrap metal can be dropped off at Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-Off Center, 1400 West 96th Street.

Mattresses or box springs

  • Mattresses and box springs are accepted.
  • Limit TWO (2) items per household. 

Unusable furniture

  • Chairs, couches and sofas, etc.
  • Disassemble or tie down hide-a-way sofa beds so they cannot open when handled.
  • Limit TWO (2) items per household         

Materials NOT accepted at the curb

The following items will NOT be collected by Curbside Cleanup crews. See below for options for disposing of these items.

Construction items from businesses or contractors

  • No construction materials from businesses or contractors. 
  • No railroad ties, chemically treated wood, concrete, bricks, shingles.
  • No asbestos.


  • No TVs, computers, printers, stereos, cell phones etc.

Exceptionally heavy and bulky items

  • No heavy or bulky items such as pianos or organs.

Hazardous waste

  • No paints, motor oil, solvents.
  • No fluorescent tubes and bulbs.
  • No propane tanks.
  • No household chemicals.

Plumbing fixtures

  • No tubs, sinks, toilets or hot tubs.

Recyclable materials

  • No newspapers, mixed paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, cans, glass, plastic containers.

Small scrap metal   

  • No small scrap metal.
  • "Small" is defined as a piece of scrap metal that you can fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Small scrap metal can be dropped off at Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-Off Center, 1400 West 96th Street.

Tires, batteries

  • No tires, batteries.

Yard waste, organic materials   

  • No leaves, grass clippings, sod, stumps, logs, etc.
  • No food waste.                        

For information on proper disposal options, visit Hennepin County's Green Disposal Guide or call 612-348-3777.

Options for unaccepted items

South Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-Off Center
1400 West 96th Street.

  • Electronic goods: TVs, computers, printers, stereos, cell phones etc. 
  • Gas appliances: camper/other refrigerators, air conditioners - call ahead.
  • Hazardous waste: paints, motor oil, fluorescent tubes and bulbs, propane and other household chemicals.
  • Recyclable materials: Newspapers, mixed paper, boxboard, corrugated cardboard, cans, glass, and plastic containers.
  • SMALL NON-REFILLABLE propane cylinders - 1 pound canisters (look for DOT-39 on the label).
  • Tires and batteries.

Hennepin County Green Disposal Guide
Use this web link for these and other items not accepted during the Citywide Curbside Cleanup or at the Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-Off Center.

  • Concrete/bricks.
  • Leaves, grass clippings, sod.
  • Porcelain (Tubs, sinks, toilets etc.).
  • Shingles (No asbestos).
  • Stumps.      

Past Curbside Cleanup collection results

Here are the average quantities of various materials picked up, 2010 – 2015.

  • Appliances – 1,039 units
  • Brush – 44 yards
  • Scrap metal – 2.56 tons (5,116 pounds)
  • Trash – 1,624 tons (3,248,000 pounds)