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Contact Information

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Garbage and recycling


Residential solid waste program

Bloomington provides curbside collection of garbage, recycling, organics recycling beginning in March 2022, and yard waste for single family properties, duplexes and certain townhomes that have opted into city service.  Yard waste collection is a subscription service that is provided seasonally.

All collection (garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulk items) will occur on the same day.  Please have materials out to the curb on your collection day before 7 a.m. All carts should be rolled to the curb or driveway – not placed in the street.

Find your collection day

Garbage and recycling pickup zones
  • Monday: East city limit to Portland Avenue South
  • Tuesday: Portland Avenue South to Penn Avenue South
  • Wednesday: Penn Avenue South to France Avenue South
  • Thursday: France Avenue South to Normandale Blvd.
  • Friday: Normandale Boulevard to West city limit

2021 & 2022 Collection calendar

2021 Garbage and recycling calendar


Recycling is collected every other week on the same day as garbage. 

Bulky and electronic waste

Collection of special bulky items and electronic waste is available on an on-call basis.  To schedule a pickup and receive a cost quote based on items to be picked up, call Utility Billing at 952-563-8726.  Refer to the pricing list for additional details.

Yard waste

Yard waste is a subscription service in the garbage and recycling program. 


Curbside Organics

Starting the week of March 7, 2022, residents with City garbage and recycling service can conveniently recycle their organics for composting at the curb. About 30 percent of trash is made up of food scraps and other material that could be composted.  Like the regular recycling program, all households will see a charge for organics recycling on their utility bill when the program begins in March 2022.  The cost for organics service is proposed to be $5.50 per month and will be approved at the Utility Rates Public Hearing on November 15, 2021.  There is no additional cost to participate and receive an organics cart, but sign up is required. 

Organics Drop-Off Sites

Residents that live in an apartment, town home or condo without city curbside organics service can bring their food scraps and non-recyclable paper to three organics drop-off sites in Bloomington. These sites are offered at NO ADDITIONAL COST to Bloomington residents!

2021 pricing
2022 proposed pricing


  • Online
  • By mail
  • At Civic Plaza
    • Customers can pay in person with the cashier in the Finance department, 2nd floor.
    • Drop boxes are located at both ends of the building and also in the west-side parking lot

The most cost effective way to pay your bill is to sign up with autopay from your checking or savings account, since postage isn't required. You will still receive a paper statement informing you of the amount to be drafted from your account on your due date.  ​​​​​

Billing during vacation/extended leave

Residents who will not need garbage, recycling or yard waste service for a minimum of four consecutive weeks may request for a suspension on collections. Residents requiring a suspension must inform the City at least a week in advance. Residents who request suspended services will see a difference on their next utility statement. You may contact the City's Utility Billing Department at 952-563-8726 or

Personalized options

Door-step collection

In addition to the yard waste options, Bloomington residents will have many other choices under the new system, including "door-step collection" for residents who are approved and require the service.

Residents with disabilities, limitations, or those who need assistance in transporting their refuse containers to the curb may apply for “door-step collection.” Containers will be set out to a location accessible to both resident and hauler. There will be an application process but is provided at no extra charge. City staff will verify the viability of the door-step request and will update your customer records.

Alternative garbage and recycling disposal

The Citywide garbage and recycling program requires all residents to participate in order to be successful. It is expected that residents have means to properly dispose of garbage, recycling and yard waste materials. An application is required in order to process the request.

Opting out means residents are not eligible for garbage, recycling, yard waste, bulky material collections or participation in the Citywide Curbside Cleanup Program.

Sharing garbage service is not an approved alternative collection method.

Curbside cleanup program