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Yard waste

Yard waste is a subscription service in the new garbage and recycling program. Weather permitting, full-season yard waste collection runs April 15 through November 30. If there is significant snowfall before the end of November, yard waste collection will end at that time.

Yard waste collection is weekly and includes all garden waste, grass clippings, leaves, weeds, soft garden materials, shrub and tree waste, prunings and wood chips. Twigs and branches must be approximately three feet in length and three inches or less in diameter.

Dirt, sod and rocks are not accepted in the yard waste program.

Please place yard waste in your cart, bags or on the ground tied in bundles. Bags and bundles should not be heavier than 40 pounds. Properties enrolled in full-season subscription may request for one (1) additional yard waste cart. The additional yard waste cart will incur a $35 delivery fee each time it is placed at the property. To request for one additional cart, contact the Utility Billing office.

Zones and collection days

Yard waste collection will occur on the same day as your garbage and recycling day during the yard waste collection season (see below). Please have materials out to the curb on your collection day before 7 a.m. All carts should be rolled to the curb or driveway – not placed in the street.

Garbage and recycling pickup zones

  • Monday: East city limit to Portland Avenue South
  • Tuesday: Portland Avenue South to Penn Avenue South
  • Wednesday: Penn Avenue South to France Avenue South
  • Thursday: France Avenue South to Normandale Blvd.
  • Friday: Normandale Boulevard to West city limit


Yard waste subscriptions include an unlimited amount of yard waste. Recycling and yard waste services are not subject to tax.

  • Full season subscription (Apr 15 to Nov 30*) = $81.09
  • Partial season subscription (Aug 1 to Nov 30*) = $50.75 (Only available to new clients, or to those who have recently moved after yard waste season began.)
  • On call (per bag) = $4.08

*Yard waste start and end dates are dependent on weather. 


Yard waste is a subscription service in the garbage and recycling program. Full-season yard waste subscription service will be available April 15 to November 30 (dependent on weather). Subscribers will pay an annual rate of $81.09 for yard waste collection.

Partial, first season of yard waste subscription service will be available August 1 to November 30 (dependent on weather). Subscribers will be billed at a reduced rate of $50.75 for their partial year of subscription. The reduced rate for partial subscription is only available to new clients or those who moved after yard waste season began. The following year(s) will be billed at the annual rate unless yard waste is terminated by the household.

On call

Residents may also pay $4.08 per bag for yard waste on-call services. For on-call yard waste service, visit the Cashier in the Finance Office at Civic Plaza, 1800 West Old Shakopee Road to purchase stickers. Residents must adhere one sticker to each on-call bag of yard waste. To schedule an on-call collection, contact Utility Billing at least 48 hours prior to your collection day. The hauler will collect yard waste materials on your garbage day.

Compostable bags

Residents who bag their yard waste are required to put their waste out for pickup in compostable bags. Acceptable bags include either paper (Kraft) bags or compostable plastic bags. Look for the BPI or Cedar Grove certified bags when purchasing yard waste bags. Most home improvement, hardware and grocery stores carry compostable bags.
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Holiday trees

Natural holiday trees will be collected during the first two full weeks in January. These items can be set out for collection on your regular collection day. They will be collected during the weeks of Jan. 7 and Jan. 14, 2019. Only natural greens will be collected. To set out your tree properly, do not use a bag (plastic or compostable), remove decorations such as wires, stands, tinsel from tree; and make sure tree is set out before 7 a.m. on your collection day, but no earlier than the night before to ensure it does not stick to snow or ice. There is a fee per tree, which will be added to your utility bill. During the first two weeks of January, there will be $10.20 fee per tree. Trees collected outside of the January pickup listed above will be charged $51 per tree.

Alternatives to managing yard waste