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Property Information, Zoning Code, and Maps


This page has several resources to learn about your property including maps, zoning code, and information regarding parcels in Bloomington. 

The Zoning Code can be found in Chapter 21 and Chapter 19 of the City Code. 

Interactive Map - find property information. Please see the 

Development Map - See what's developing in Bloomington

Bluff Standards - See what properties are subject to the bluff protection standards. 

Solar Checklist - See what is needed to add solar panels to your property. 

Zoning and Guide Plan Map - Check out the zoning or guide plan for a property (also found on interactive map)

Starting a Home Enterprise - See what is required to start a home business. 

Driveway Information - See what is required for driveways. 

Survey Information - Get a copy of a property sketch or survey on file. 

Plat Information

Planning Handouts and Forms

MSP International Airport Zoning Ordinance