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City Charter and Code of Ordinances

The City of Bloomington's Code of Ordinances contains local laws which, along with state and federal laws and regulations, shape our city and its services to keep residents safe, maintain property values, and govern private activities within the city's boundaries in a manner that balances the protection of individual rights with the promotion of the public health, safety and welfare.

Access the City Charter and City Code

Recent changes

The process of reviewing and incorporated changes to the City Code is called "codification." Because this process must be undertaken for each change, recent changes to the code are not immediately incorporated. Codification may take several weeks.

After Council-approved changes are incorporated into the official code document at the City Clerk's office, the online representation of the Code is updated. Because of this time lag, the City Clerk's Office provides a list of recently approved, but not yet codified, changes below.

City staff will make every effort to post such changes below within three business days of Council action. You may contact the City Clerk's Office with any questions.

New versions of the City Code will be posted as the code is updated. Use the City's E-Subscribe service to receive notifications when updates are made.

Ordinances awaiting codification

  • Ordinance 2019-42

    Publication date: November 14, 2019

    The purpose of the Ordinance is three fold.  First, it replaces an outdated department name with the current department name (Finance Department) throughout Chapter 4 of the City Code. 

    Second, the purpose of the new chapter 4, article III, is to allow for the imposition of a lodging tax, admissions and recreation tax, and food and beverages tax within a newly created Special Taxing District for the sole purpose of financing public improvements for any phase of the Mall of America, including financing the Waterpark and paying the debt service and funding reserves with respect to the Bonds. The Special Area Taxes shall only be imposed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Special Taxes Pledge Agreement or any other agreement under which the Special Area Taxes are pledged by the city to support the financing for public improvements for any phase of the Mall of America. 

    Third, the purpose of a new chapter 4, article IV, is to explain and authorize the establishment of the Bloomington Special Taxing Authority. Laws of Minnesota 2008, Chapter 366, Article 5, Section 28, Subdivisions 1 and 2, and Resolution 2008-172, as amended by Laws of Minnesota 2010, Chapter 216, Sections 48 and 49, and Resolution 2010-59, permit the City Council to establish, by resolution, a special taxing authority as a separate political subdivision the governing body of which is the City Council with the authority to impose a general sales tax of not more than one percent within the boundaries of the Special Taxing District (see below).

    This Ordinance will be effective upon publication, but the Special Area Taxes will not be effective until the Special Taxes Pledge Agreement is executed by the city and the Issuer and the Trustee, or both, and a fully-executed original is delivered to the city.  The Special Taxes Pledge Agreement will describe the terms and conditions under which each of the four taxes could be imposed for the set purposes described above.  The four taxes are a lodging tax (up to 1%), admissions and recreation tax (up to 1%), a food and beverages tax (up to 3%), and a general sales tax of no more than 1%.

    Staff contact
    Melissa Manderschied

  • Ordinance 2019-37

    Publication date: November 5, 2019

    The purpose of the amendment is to:  Require a permit for:  1) commercial activities, including filming and still photography, 2) exclusive use of park space, 3) sound amplification devices at special events, and 4) drones.  Amendments also prohibit photography or filming of children in city parks without the consent of a parent or guardian and replace outdated language related to the structure of the Parks and Recreation Department.

    Staff contact
    Ann Kattreh

  • Ordinance 2019-35

    Publication date: September 25, 2019

    The ordinance amends standards related to raising chickens in Bloomington. It amends standard for setbacks of coops and runs, screening, and composting.

    Staff contact
    Michael Palermo