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Contact Information

Contact Information

City Clerk's Office


City Charter and Code of Ordinances


The City of Bloomington's Code of Ordinances contains local laws which, along with state and federal laws and regulations, shape our city and its services to keep residents safe, maintain property values, and govern private activities within the city's boundaries in a manner that balances the protection of individual rights with the promotion of the public health, safety and welfare.

Recent changes

The process of reviewing and incorporated changes to the City Code is called "codification." Because this process must be undertaken for each change, recent changes to the code are not immediately incorporated. Codification may take several weeks.

After Council-approved changes are incorporated into the official code document at the City Clerk's office, the online representation of the Code is updated. Because of this time lag, the City Clerk's Office provides a list of recently approved, but not yet codified, changes below.

City staff will make every effort to post such changes below within three business days of Council action. You may contact the City Clerk's Office with any questions.

New versions of the City Code will be posted as the code is updated. Use the City's E-Subscribe service to receive notifications when updates are made.

Ordinances awaiting codification

Ordinance 2023-25

Publication date: November 9, 2023

Previously per City Code (section 2.82.03), the Artistry (Bloomington Theatre and Art Center) Board could appoint three of nine Commissioners to the Creative Placemaking Commission. Due to Artistry’s recent organizational restructuring, the City no longer has a formal, contractual relationship with Artistry for creative placemaking efforts or projects. Therefore, the City would like for City Council to appoint all nine of the Creative Placemaking Commissioners. This change is reflected in the attached ordinance.  

Staff contact
Alejandra Pelinka
Director of Creative Placemaking

Ordinance 2023-24

Effective Date:  January 1, 2024

The ordinance amends Chapter 23 of the City Code to align earned sick and safe leave with state legislation.

Staff contact
Amir Malik


Ordinance 2023-22

Publication date: September 7, 2023

The murals ordinance and supporting policy establishes regulations and procedures pertaining to the installation of murals on buildings and structures.

Staff contact
Nick Johnson

Ordinance 2023-20

Publication date: July 20, 2023

This correspondence is intended to provide some backstory as to how we have arrived at this point in needing to update our City Code Chapter 17: Streets and Rights-of-Way.

Looking back five years, we have had several changes internally and externally in how we manage and oversee the Right-of-Way. As a result, we have been looking closely at our ROW permit fees versus City staff time and our proposing the following.

In trying to be fair and equitable while still maintaining and providing the same level of customer service in managing the Rights-of-Way. Our recommendation is to move to a flat of $560.00 for Rights-of-Way permits in 2023. At year end, we will review the numbers and compare the effectiveness for all stakeholders.

Staff contact
Eric Schoon

Ordinance 2023-15

Publication date: July 1, 2023

The ordinance amends Appendix A: Administrative Relief and Fee Schedule of the City Code relating to some fees for licenses and permits.

Staff contact
Christina Scipioni
City Clerk

Ordinance 2023-1

Effective date: July 1, 2023

The ordinance amends the Earned Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance and Appendix A for administrative relief and fees.

Staff contact
Amir Malik

Ordinance 2022-31

Effective date: July 1, 2023

The purpose of this ordinance is to create City Code Chapter 23 establishing earned sick and safe leave in the City of Bloomington.

Staff contact
Peter Zuniga