Planning handouts & forms

Accessory buildings
Including garages, carports, storage buildings, gazebos, screen houses, playhouses

  • PDF icon Accessory Buildings (Always call 811 before digging)
  • PDF icon Garages Permit application information, number, location, size and height. (always call 811 before digging)

Conditional/Interim use permits/Variances

  • Conditional/Interim Use Permit (handout currently being revised)
  • PDF icon Variance

Development application procedures

Landscaping, Fences and Front yard libraries

  • PDF icon Front Yard Libraries Front yard libraries information sheet. (always call 811 before digging)
  • PDF icon Fences Permit requirements, height, opacity, approved materials and restrictions. (Always call 811 before digging)
  • PDF icon Clear view triangle  (Always call 811 before digging)

Lighting (exterior only)

Permit applications and checklist

Permits and their associated handouts are linked below. Some projects need more than one permit. For more information on the subject, contact the Planning Division at 952-563-8920.

Residential height

Recreational vehicles (RVs)