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Special Assessments


What are special assessments?

Special assessments are charges to a specific property for a specific improvement performed by the city. Special assessments finance the improvement by charging the benefiting property owner for the cost of the project. The authority to levy special assessments is granted under MN Statute, Chapter 429.

Cities may also use special assessments to recover the cost of service charges including, but not limited to:

  • Snow, ice and rubbish removal from sidewalks
  • Weed elimination from streets and private property
  • Removal or elimination of public health or safety hazards
  • Trimming and care of trees and removal of unsound trees
  • Unpaid sewer, garbage, and water bills

For additional information on special assessments, please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ's).



Payment Information

Levied Special Assessment Payments:

  • For current or proposed project information, contact the City of Bloomington Engineering Department at 952-563-4870
  • For payments of Weed, Trees, Brush, Water, and Civil Citations contact the Assessment Hotline             952-563-8697
  • For payment options, special assessment deferral or payoff amounts, call the Assessing Office at            952-563-4743
  • Existing special assessment payoffs must be received by the Assessing Office no later than Nov. 15 each year.
  • IF November 15th falls on a weekend the pre-pay date is the last workday before November 15th.
  • Please Note payments can only be made by credit card, check, or cash. 

Pending or New Special Assessment Payments:

  • Once a Pending Assessment roll is approved by City Council (usually early October) pre-payments can be taken from that date until November 29.
  • Payment options for newly levied special assessments are as follows:
  1. Pay off the entire amount in the Assessing Office by Nov. 29 the year of levy.  If entire amount is paid, there will be no interest added and no amount added to property tax statement.
  2. A one time pre-payment of $100 or more can be made in the Assessing Office by Nov. 29th on the year of the levy. A percentage of the remaining amount plus interest will be certified to Hennepin County and added to tax statement for the term of the assessment. 
  3. Take no payment action to have an annual payment consisting of principal plus interest certified to Hennepin County for collection with the next year’s taxes for the term of the assessment.
  4. If you have applied and been accepted for the Senior Citizen Special Assessment Deferral  (see attachment above for more information) before Nov. 15 of any given year, the deferred amount will accrue compound interest at the project rate (compounds on accruing principal and interest). The Senior Citizen Deferral needs to be renewed yearly, this creates a lien on the property that must be satisfied once qualifications are no longer met. 
  • Please Note payments can be made by check, cash or credit card. 
  • IF November 29th falls on a weekend the pre-pay date is the last workday before November 29th.