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City Assessor's Office


Assessor's Office


Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The City of Bloomington Assessor's Office determines the value of  approximately 32,000 parcels within the city for property tax purposes. Every property within the City of Bloomington is visited by an appraiser at least once every five years. 

Valuations follow the standards established by the Minnesota Department of Revenue, State Board of Assessors, and State Statutes.  Assessors study construction, sales data, and neighborhood trends to establish valuation standards in their appraisal work.  Property values, which include the land and buildings, change continuously with changing market conditions and changes in physical attributes. 

Many factors are considered in estimating the market value of property.  Assessors determine the classification or use of each property.  The various classifications are taxed at different percentages or rates according to Minnesota Statutes.

The Assessor's Office Is Responsible For:

  • Accurately and equitably appraise and classify all real estate and appropriate personal property within the City of Bloomington for tax purposes
  • Assist and explain the appeal process if a property owner disagrees with their estimated market value or classification
  • Determine the current classification and use of properties
  • Process and maintain various types of homestead applications
  • Assist the public in providing property information
  • Administer special programs
  • Provide information and feedback to taxing authorities

Assessment Questionnaire

Assessment Questionnaire for Homeowners

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