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City Assessor's Office


Property Tax Timeline





January 2- Date when property values and classifications are established for assessment purposes. This value is used to determine property taxes that will be paid next year.


Value Notices are mailed during the first quarter of each year.



Property Tax Statements are mailed by the end of March.


If you want to appeal your property valuation to the City of Bloomington please call the Assessors Office before hand to discuss the valuation.

If you wish to continue the appeal to the Board of Appeal and Equalization talk with an appraiser on how to file a local appeal.

Note: Must appeal at the Local Board before continuing on to Hennepin County Board.


May 15 – The first ½ of the current year’s tax payment is due to Hennepin County.


Hennepin County Board of Appeal and Equalization, call for an appointment.

Please Note: This is only an option if you have first appealed to the City of Bloomington Local Board


October 15 - The second ½ of the current year’s taxes payment are due to Hennepin County.


Property Tax Statements or Truth-in-Taxation Statements are mailed.

Special Assessment Payments Due:

  • Existing Special Assessment Payments are due November 15
  • Newly Levied Special Assessment Payments are due November 29
  • Note: If date falls on a weekend the due date will be the preceding Friday.


Local government entities hold budget hearings and approve their final budget.