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Contact Information

Contact Information

Emma Struss

Sustainability Commission Liaison

Sustainability Commission


    2022 Work Plan


    The Sustainability Commission advises the Bloomington City Council, Bloomington City staff, and the Bloomington community on policies, practices, procedures and proposals that relate to the sustainable use and management of environmental resources that include air, water, energy, land and ecological resources, and waste. The Commission helps to ensure that such resources will be sustained and continue to provide for a high quality of life for present and future generations.


    The Commission is appointed by and advisory to the City Council. Its duties and responsibilities include the following: 

    • Collaborate with the City staff to review, evaluate, develop and advise the City Council on policies and practices regarding sustainability and management of environmental resources.
    • Engage with the Bloomington community and serve as a community liaison for issues, ideas and proposals while providing appropriate feedback.
    • Serve as a resource for other Bloomington commissions, boards, committees and task forces on any issues related to sustainability.

    Sustainability Commission meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Public Works West Conference Room. To find their agendas, webcasts, and documents, please see the City Meetings website.

    Rules of Procedure 


    The Sustainability Commission shall have no more than eleven members appointed by the City Council, with staggered terms of up to three years, and with an opportunity for appointment for a maximum of six years.

    Of these eleven members, the majority shall be technical experts in one or more of the areas of sustainability as stated in the scope.  One seat shall be reserved for a City Council member. 

    Of the remaining members, efforts should be made to select members so that the diverse interests of the Bloomington community are represented including geographic diversity, education, student or youth, residents, businesses, faith-based and nongovernment organizations.

    March 2022 to February 2023 Roster

    Adult Commissioners (8)

    Commissioner Bio
    Stephanie Auen Stephanie Auen has a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University. She began her career working in solar energy at a Bloomington-based solar manufacturer. She later transitioned into the construction world where she now works exclusively on the planning and design of large-scale solar projects across the country. Through the Sustainability Commission, Stephanie aims to use her passion for environmentally-friendly living to help Bloomington be a leader in sustainable practices.
    Angie Begosh

    Angie Begosh has a Ph.D. in zoology from Oklahoma State University, where she researched how land use affects pollinator communities. Her career includes work as an extension educator in Kentucky, Iowa, Idaho, and New Mexico focusing on natural resources and agriculture education, a salmon habitat restoration grants coordinator in Washington state, and a field technician and contract ecologist in Minnesota. Her volunteer work in Bloomington involves monitoring a bluebird trail, surveying invasive weeds for Three Rivers Park District, and starting prairie plant seeds for Dakota County parks. She is passionate about preserving and enhancing green space in Bloomington and making quality urban habitats accessible to everybody.

    Sarah Cobb  
    Tony Comer Anthony Comer was born in Bloomington, spent several years in different parts of Southern Minnesota (living in the communities of Alpha, Fairmont, Mankato and Madelia) before returning to Bloomington- the community he has always called “home.” He currently serves as a Reserve Teacher for Bloomington Public Schools and hopes to attain full teaching licensure in Spring 2023. Prior to that, Anthony served as a pastor and college adjunct instructor for a variety of Minnesota colleges. He hopes to bring his passion and drive for education into the Sustainability Commission so the community can learn more and participate in cultivating a sustainable community where people want to be!
    David Drummond Dave Drummond has a Ph.D. (Environmental Health) from the U of M School of Public Health. He performed the first campus-wide sustainability study for the UW-Madison including a facilities-based carbon footprint. He also served as their Director of Environment, Health and Safety. As a new member of the Commission, he is learning and participating in its activities and hopes to share his expertise where it will be helpful.
    Andy Scott

    Andy Scott grew up in Richfield and has been a Bloomington resident for 10 years. He has a degree in Design from MCAD and has been working as a landscape designer since 2017. He is the proprietor of a small landscape company that specializes in native plant communities, habitat gardening, pollinator-friendly practices and residential stormwater management. As an engaged member of the South Loop community Andy is passionate about continuing to improve Bloomington’s natural areas/resources by supporting efforts from the city and its residents.

    Beth Stegora Beth Stegora received her Doctorate in the medical field from the University of Southern California. She is interested in the effects of climate change on the physical and mental health of humans and all living creatures.  She joined the Sustainability Commission to help protect the precious natural resources that Bloomington has to offer so many generations to come may be able to experience clean air and water.   
    Deanna White Deanna White grew up in South Dakota. After earning a bachelor's degree in Political Science, she worked on political campaigns for several years before transitioning to the nonprofit world. Deanna spent eight years working for the Sierra Club and two years working with the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce before moving to the Twin Cities in 2008 to work for Clean Water Action, where she currently serves as State Director. After living in Sioux Falls, Las Vegas, and Washington DC, she has a broad perspective on community solutions to sustainability challenges. Deanna and her partner Rob share their Bloomington home with their two dogs and two cats.

    Young Adult Commissioners (2)

    Commissioner Bio
    Owen Loken Owen Loken is a student at Jefferson High School. Owen was sent in early summer of 2022 to take part in the 73rd session of Minnesota Boys State. Owen is thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Commission and will work tirelessly to make the most of this position. Owen will take the saying that his parents say often “Think globally act locally” to heart when serving on Bloomington’s Sustainability Commission.
    Open Seat  

    City Council Liaison (1)

    Commissioner Bio
    Councilmember Dwayne Lowman Dwayne Lowman was born and raised in Bloomington near Effa play lot. He and his wife Kellie enjoy camping up north and walking the parks and trials. Dwayne has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Urban Studies, concentrating in Public Administration and Community Economic Development from Augsburg University. When reflecting on why he joined the Sustainability Commission he said: “There are many reasons why I am committed to Bloomington's long term ecological, social, and economic resilience. Chief among those many reasons has to be those voices that are marginalized or drowned out by obstacles seen and unseen. I trust that I will have the humility to pass on a better Bloomington than what I have found.”

    Staff liaison

    The commission’s staff liaison is Emma Struss.