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Contact Information

Creative Placemaking


Creative Placemaking


Download the free Otocast App on your smartphone to access the South Loop Public Art Audio Tour and take a self-guided tour to learn more about the art and artists.

Creative placemaking is where art plays an intentional, integrated role in place-based community planning and development. Creating placemaking honors the existing assets, history and character of a place. Community engagement is a vital element.

Until 2023, Bloomington's creative placemaking efforts were mostly focused in the South Loop District, including:

  • Public art
  • Events
  • Performances, workshops and capacity-building efforts for local artists
  • Temporary art and pop-ups
  • An artful community garden
  • Support of the Small Business Center 

Creative Placemaking in the South Loop goals include:

  • Urbanism: Ensure urban design excellence in transforming the built environment.
  • Animation: Animate public spaces and strengthen the social and cultural fabric.
  • Involvement: Involve and empower people who inhabit and care about the South Loop.
  • Identity: Elevate and project South Loop's identity.
  • Leadership: Build capacity to sustain leadership and champions.
  • Investment: Attract new development and foster the creative sector.

Recent Projects and Events