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Contact Information

Contact Information

Parks and Recreation Department


Bloomington Community Gardens

In 2023, a total of 178 garden plots are available to local gardeners. The application process begins in January 2023 (see timeline below). Pricing for rental of plots will be $44 per plot for Bloomington residents and $56 per plot for nonresidents. Fees apply to ground level and raised bed plots.
Gardens from west to east: Brookside, Harrison, Smith
Community Gardens

2023 community garden plot rental timeline

Date Significance
January 18 - February 10 Return renter priority rental period
March 6 Garden plot rentals open to all
April 14 Last day to cancel rental
April 21 First day of gardening season, weather permitting
June 1 Deadline for plots to be planted
October 22 End of 2023 season (only unwanted plant material should be left in plot)