Bloomington Community Gardens

"It's not just the vegetables you grow, it's the friends you meet!" - Dan M.

February 23nd update: One of our 3 garden sites has SOLD OUT in record time!  While Smith Community Garden is sold out, garden plots do remain available for rent at our other community garden sites!  (See directions below if you would like to be added to a waiting list for Smith Community Garden.)
In 2021, a total of 178 garden plots are available to local gardeners. The application process will began in January 2021 (see timeline below). Rental pricing for 2021 is $42.00 per plot for Bloomington residents and $54 per plot for nonresidents for both ground level and raised bed.  
map of locations of garden plots


Brookside Community Garden 

  • Located in Central Bloomington
  • On the west side of Xerxes Ave. S, just north of 102nd Street
  • Brookside Garden Plot Site Map.pdf
  • Brookside plots available February19 
  • 80 - 10' x 15' ground level plots
  • Maximum of 3 plots per renter
  • 3 - centrally located water spigots (hose hook-ups not available)
  • Off street parking available adjacent to garden site


Harrison Community Garden

  • Located in Central Bloomington
  • South of 100th St. & west of James Ave. S. (1701 W 100th St)
  • PDF icon Harrison Garden Plot Site Map
  • Harrison plots available 0February 19 
  • 39 - 10' x 15' ground level plots
  • 5 - 4' x 15' raised bed (28") plots*
  • Maximum of 3 plots per renter*
  • 1 - centrally located water tank (hose hook-ups not available)
  • Off street parking available adjacent to garden site

*Raised beds are 28 inches in height. Maximum of one raised bed plot per renter. These plots are intended for use by those with mobility or other physical impairments. Additional paperwork is required for rental of a raised bed plot.


Smith Community Garden

  • Located in northeastern Bloomington
  • On the east side of Park Ave S. between 82nd & 83rd streets
  • PDF icon Smith Garden Plot Site Map
  • Smith plots available February 19 
  • 54 - 10' x 15' ground level plots
  • Maximum of 3 plots per renter
  • 2 - centrally located water tanks (hose hook-ups not available)
  • Off street parking available adjacent to garden site as well as the east side of Park Ave

Return Renter Application Process

RETURN RENTERS (2020 renters):

  • Garden plot application packets will be e-mailed to all 2020 renters on January 11. This year due to our inability to predict the reopening date of Civic Plaza, return renter applications must either be submitted online, or can be printed out and mailed in along with payment. Applications may be submitted from 9 a.m. January 11 to 4:30 p.m. February 1. Beginning on January 11, return renter applications may also be requested by calling 952-563-8877 or emailing
  • Return renters must process their 2021 garden plot rentals online at (beginning at 9 a.m. January 11 for returning renters). Alternatively, return renters can print and fill out the application, and mail it to Parks and Recreation along with a check for payment.  Mailed applications will be processed in the order received.
  • Return renters are only guaranteed to be able to rent the same plot(s) at the same site as they had in the preceding year. Applicants wishing to move plots/sites should indicate these requested changes during the online rental process or on their paper application. They will still be assigned their 2020 plot(s) and their request for change will be reviewed after the February 1 return renter deadline.  If you would like to move plots/sites we suggest you submit your application as soon as possible beginning January 11 as these additional requests will be processed in the order received.
  • If you are a return renter and wish to rent more plots than you rented in 2020 you must apply for any additional plots once the general rental application period opens on February 22.  There is a limit of 3 plots per household.
  • If you are a return renter who only wants the same plots as in 2020 you may submit your application at any point between January 11 and February 1 at 4:30 p.m. 

General Renter Application Process

GENERAL RENTERS:  applicants who did not rent at one of the above 3 gardens in 2020, or return renters who missed their return renter application deadline):

Fee Assistance

Assistance is available to qualifying Bloomington families. For more information on Fee Assistance click here or call 952-563-8877 for details. Applicants must complete the fee assistance application process before rental application can be submitted. It may take up to one week to process your fee assistance application.

Waiting Lists

  • To be added to the waiting list to rent a plot at a site that is currently sold out, email with your best contact phone number and let us know for which site you would like to waitlisted.  You will be contacted should any plots become available at that site.
  • If you choose to rent a plot at your 2nd (or 3rd) location choice, but would like to be included on the waiting list for your most desired site, please email to let us know!  If plots become available prior to June 1st, you will be contacted to be given the choice whether to stay in the plots you've rented or accept a transfer into the plot(s) that have opened up.     

2021 community garden rental timeline

Date Significance
Jan 11 - Feb 1, 2021 Return renter priority rental period
Feb 22, 2021 Garden plot rentals open to all
Apr 16, 2021 Last day to cancel rental
Apr 23, 2021 First day of gardening season, weather permitting
Jun 1, 2021 Deadline for plots to be planted
Oct 24, 2021 End of 2021 season (only unwanted plant material should be left in plot)

To encourage the success of your garden please feel free to review the words of experience from our past gardeners at Bloomington's Community Garden sites.