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Hometown Poetry


The goal of Hometown Poetry is to celebrate art and literature and integrate it into our communities, highlight the talent of Bloomington writers, and bring a sense of surprise, delight, and contemplation to pedestrians. 

In 2022, 14 poems were selected to be stamped into new sidewalks and 4 were selected to be on display on creative sign installations in parks, including Effa Playlot, Fenlason Park, and Valley View Park. A Poetry Reading was held at Hennepin County Library-Oxboro Library to celebrate the selected Bloomington Poets. Get to know two of the Poets in our Hometown Poetry video.

Thank you to Hometown Poetry review panel members. Hometown Poetry Panel Bios


This project was adapted from an art project originated by Public Art Saint Paul City Artist Marcus Young in 2008 and started under the name “Everyday Poems for City Sidewalks.”