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Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Fiscal Year 2022

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) of the City of Bloomington for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022 is available. The purpose of this report is to provide the Mayor, City Council, City staff, citizens, bondholders, and other interested parties with useful information concerning the City’s operations and financial position. The City's report includes detailed notes and financial schedules for both of the City's component units: Port Authority and the Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA). 

Popular Annual Financial Report

Corporate Report to the Community Fiscal Year Ending 2022

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The Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR), published every June under the title, "Corporate Report to the Community," is a brief summary of the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR). The report is intended to increase the general public's understanding of Bloomington's financial condition.

Annual budget book

Fiscal Year 2023

This document presents the City’s approved 2023 budget, and includes budget summaries for all funds, working capital goals, debt and capital overviews and operating program details. Background information used to develop the budget and to describe its impact and corresponding levies are included in the introduction to provide a more complete understanding. To determine the current levy and to consider the City’s long-term financial stability, 5, 10 and 15-year budget models were used.

To review historical budget books and more detailed budget information, visit our dedicated City Budget page at

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Annual Budget Book - Fiscal Year 2023

Annual Budget Book - Fiscal Year 2022

Annual Budget Book - Fiscal Year 2021


Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Combined Ten-Year Capital Improvement Plan 

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) constitutes the capital improvement plan of the City of Bloomington (City). It is a planning tool based on long-range physical planning and financial projections that forecast the City, the Bloomington Port Authority (Port), and Housing and Redevelopment Authority for the City of Bloomington (HRA) capital needs over a ten-year period as building blocks to help achieve the City's strategic vision and mission. The CIP includes a detailed description of every Capital Project anticipated to be initiated during the ten-year period.

The CIP document is approved annually but projects are tracked and updated on a quarterly basis. To view the most recent updates, visit our dedicated CIP page at

The preliminary draft of the 2023-2032 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was presented at the October 17, 2022 City Council Meeting and then brought to the Planning Commission in November 2022. The final CIP was adopted by the City Council after a Public Hearing on December 5, 2022.


2023-2032 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

2022-2031 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

2021-2030 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

General fund monthly report

Report on Performance Measures

The City of Bloomington participates in the Performance Measurement Program through the State Auditor's office. This voluntary program requires cities and counties to adopt ten selected measures that will be used to manage operations and reported to citizens and property taxpayers.

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Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Awards