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Contact Information

Contact Information

Kari Carlson, CPFO

Budget Manager

City budget


Community outreach

Throughout summer and fall 2022, the Budget Manager will be hosting information tables and seeking community feedback on the 2023 budget.

Understanding your proposed property tax statement

Understanding your proposed property tax statement

Budget discussions at City Council meetings

The budget manager presented progress on the 2022 budget at several City Council meetings in late 2021. Presentations on the 2023 budget process will begin in August 2022.

About the City of Bloomington budget manager

  • Oversees the City's annual budget process which includes 30 individual funds. All budgets must be approved by the City Council by the end of the year. 
  • Assists departments with analysis of their current year budget requests as well as long-term financial modeling. 
  • Works closely with the city manager, assistant city manager and department heads to provide options to the City Council for funding programs, initiatives, and projects as well as identifying spending areas that can be reduced along with strategies to fund future capital projects and large equipment purchases. 
  • Files the preliminary and final property tax levy with Hennepin County
  • Compiles and submits annual reports to the Government Finance Officers Association
  • Submits annual reports to the Office of the State Auditor
July 11

At your service: Budget Manager Kari Carlson

With a degree in accounting and a designation as a certified public finance officer, Kari Carlson knows and works with numbers—big numbers that affect the community in big ways.