Cable TV providers in Bloomington

Cable TV service in Bloomington is provided by Comcast under a franchise agreement with the City. The franchise agreements gives Comcast various rights and responsibilities in its provision of cable service to our residents and businesses.

The City has no legal authority to regulate cable rates or programming. The 1996 Cable Act took away the City's right to review the cable company's rates and to investigate allegations that the rates are excessive. The rates charged for cable services are determined by the cable operator and are not subject to governmental review. In addition, the City of Bloomington does not have the authority to determine which channels the cable operator carries. Under federal law, cable operators can decide which channels to carry and on which tier to offer those channels.

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Franchise agreements: FAQ

Who are Bloomington's cable providers?

Comcast has a franchise agreement to provide cable service in Bloomington.

Does a company have an exclusive agreement to provide cable service in Bloomington?

No. The City's cable television ordinance, revised in 1999, specifically states: "Any Franchise granted under this Ordinance shall be nonexclusive." (City Code, Section 20.27).

Is the City Code's cable television ordinance available online?

Yes. The ordinance is found in the City Code, Chapter 20, Article II, starting at section 20.15. 

Are the cable television franchise agreements available online?

Yes. The franchise agreement is linked below:

When do the franchise agreements expire?

The City of Bloomington renewed its franchise agreement with Comcast in January 2015. It will expire in January 2025.

Are cable rates regulated?

Under federal law, the City and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are prevented from regulating cable rates. It would take federal legislation to change that situation. The FCC believes that as competition and choices expand, consumers will have access to more services and that prices will eventually be controlled by competition.

In the meantime, the FCC says that you should expect an explanation from the cable company whenever rates are raised, particularly when the company attributes price hikes to increases in the cost of obtaining programming.

Does the City decide which cable channels are carried in Bloomington?

Only the cable company can decide which channels it will carry. The City has no legal authority to determine channels the cable operator carries. The company periodically surveys customers to find out viewing preferences.

Submit programming requests directly to Comcast.

How do I resolve a problem with my cable provider?

You should always contact Comcast first when you have a complaint. In many cases, the customer service representatives will be able to assist you and solve your problem.