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Contact Information

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BTV: Bloomington TV


Bloomington TV programming can be viewed on the following channels.

  • Comcast Channel 859/HD
  • Comcast Channel 14/SD

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Bloomington City Information Television (BCIT)

Government access cable television provides information about government and community programs, services, events and issues. Programs may be entertaining, but our main purpose is communicating information.

Bloomington Community Access Television (BCAT)

Bloomington Community Access Television is a public forum dedicated to free speech. Individuals and organizations learn the basics of television production to create television shows that are cablecast to Bloomington cable subscribers on Channel 16. Classes and production equipment are available for all members of the Bloomington Community.

Bloomington Educational Community Television (BEC)

Serves cable subscribers with educational and school based programming from all of Bloomington's public and private educational institutions.