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Sustainable Bloomington

What is Sustainable Bloomington?

In 2016, the Bloomington City Council completed a strategic planning exercise and selected environmental sustainability as a strategic priority for the City of Bloomington. From there, the city has become committed to setting the standards in response to the vital role that cities play in sustaining our natural resources. As an effort through the Sustainability Commission and Public Works, Bloomington seeks - between now and the future - to be forward thinking in the way that we address the health of both people and planet.

Recent Accomplishments

Bloomington Is a GreenStep City!

Bloomington was named a Step 3 city at the June 2018 League of Minnesota Cities Conference. This program of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recognizes Minnesota cities for their efforts to incorporate sustainable practices in business and residential area. Please see the Minnesota GreenSteps website for more information on how Bloomington is working to improve sustainability and quality of life for our community.

Organics Drop-Off

In April 2018, the City of Bloomington established an organics drop-off pilot program to collect organic materials to use in compost. With three locations opened, the program successfully welcomed more than 700 households in only the first 2 months of the program!

Partners in Energy

The City of Bloomington is working with Xcel Energy to promote efficient electricity use in our community through the Partners in Energy (PIE) program. Action team representatives come from Donaldson, HealthPartners, Mall of America, Normandale Community College, Bloomington School District, OATI, Quality Bike Products, and the 494 Corridor Initiative, along with Bloomington residents and members of the Sustainability Commission.

This two-year initiative will develop a community action plan for reduced electricity consumption, as well as provide tools and resources to enable and guide implementation of the strategies for achieving those goals.

For more information, please see the meeting notes below: