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Rain Barrels


Looking for an easy and effective way to make a positive difference right in your own backyard? Consider installing a rain barrel or two!

Up to 40% of water used in the summer goes for irrigation. Rain barrels are an easy step to take for conservation, because they benefit both you and the environment. Consider the many advantages of employing a few rain barrels on your property!

Rain barrels can:

  • Provide a healthy and cost-effective way to water your gardens.
  • Reduce the workload on your municipal water system by allowing you to reduce your use of treated water.
  • Collect and direct rainwater away from the foundation of your house and into your garden.
  • Reduce the amount of storm water runoff from your property. This improves water quality in your local creeks, ponds, and lakes.

The following link provides information about selecting, installing, and making your own rain barrels.

Sustainability and our environment

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