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Business Licensing


The City Clerk's Office issues licenses as required by the City Code. For your convenience, several license applications are available for download.

The City of Bloomington has no general business license.

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    License/Permit Required by
    City Code section:
    Amusement devices 14.16
    Body art 14.376
    Casino Gaming Events 14.36
    Cats 14.88
    Commercial animal establishments 14.94
    Courtesy bench 14.147
    Currency Exchange Business 14.159
    Dances 14.48
    Dogs 14.85
    Escort services and escorts 14.166
    Ferrets 14.88
    Fireworks Dealers 14.442.19
    Food 14.443
    Garbage and refuse hauler 10.07
    Gasoline 14.324
    Laundry, self service Commercial 14.237
    Liquor Chapter 13
    Massage 14.259
    Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law Certificate of Compliance Form  
    Milk, cream, and dairy products 14.443
    Motel/hotel, each unit 14.276
    Motorized golf carts 8.95
    Newspaper rack 14.147
    Parachuting and Aircraft Landings and Takeoffs 12.43
    Pawnbrokers 14.287
    Precious Metal Dealers 14.442.03 and 14.420
    Public Entertainment/Assembly 14.63
    Rental license application package – single family dwellings
    (duplexes, single-family dwellings, condominiums, townhouses, boarding houses, accessory dwelling units)
    14.566 to 14.594
    Rental license application package – multiple dwellings
    (multiple, three-plex, four-plex, housing with services)
    14.566 to 14.594
    Roller rinks 14.69
    Seasonal sales license (not more than four per year) 14.314
    Secondhand goods dealer 14.442.33 / 14.420
    Sexually-oriented business 14.332
    Sound trucks 10.33
    Swimming pool, therapy and wading pool 15.107
    Tanning facilities 14.369
    Target range 14.82
    Taxicab companies/Taxicab drivers 14.391
    Temporary food license 14.09
    Temporary license or permit 14.09
    Temporary recycling event 14.09
    Tobacco-related products, retail sale each location 14.435
    Transient merchant, hawker, or peddler 14.180