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Water hydrant flushes


The City flushes approximately 320 "dead-end" water hydrants each summer. Most of these hydrants are located in cul-de-sacs, and the water mains they're connected to cannot be extended to another water main to create a looped system. This situation can lead to stagnant water and sediment buildup in the mains.

Flushing of these dead-end hydrants ensures good water quality throughout the system. Hydrant flushing begins May and continues through the end of June. Crews flush from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The change in water flow patterns resulting from hydrant flushing may stir up mineral deposits in City water mains. During hydrant flushing, it is not unusual to periodically experience discolored water, pressure changes and/or an increased chlorine odor.

Sediment present in the water is not a health issue, but it may impact the taste, odor or color of the water. If discolored water is present, you may correct the problem by opening all cold water faucets and allowing them to run at the same time until the water clears. Residents are also encouraged to check the color of their water prior to doing laundry. Discolored water may stain clothes, particularly whites.

For more information and general hydrant flushing questions, contact the Bloomington Utility Division at 952-563-8777. For water quality questions, contact the Bloomington Water Treatment Plant at 952-563-4905.