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Wastewater (sanitary sewer) collection


When sewage leaves a home or business it flows through service lines to the main sewer pipe in the street where gravity keeps it flowing downward. When the main line reaches a depth of 20-30 feet, a sanitary lift station pumps the sewage up to a higher level where the sewage begins to flow again by gravity to a central metering station. Approximately 10.5 million gallons of sewage move out of the city daily through pipes which average six inches to 48 inches in diameter.

The sewage flows into larger pipes, called interceptors, which are owned by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) group. The City's sewage flow passes out of the City near the intersection of TH 77 and Old Shakopee Rd. where it is conveyed under the Minnesota River, and ends up at the MCES's Seneca Treatment Plant in Eagan for processing and then is discharged back into the river.

Sewer FAQ

CenterPoint Energy Customers may receive sewer service line notifications.

Bloomington residents may receive a notification from CenterPoint Energy informing them of impending gas main installation in the street or in the boulevard near their home. They will be working in a limited area within the City and are working to enhance the safety and improve maintenance on the natural gas mains.

CenterPoint Energy may need to assess your property for an in-sewer camera inspection to verify the location of your sanitary sewer service prior to the work taking place. There is no charge for this inspection.

The CenterPoint Energy employee or contractor performing the inspections will carry a CenterPoint Energy identification card that includes a photograph.

For more information regarding City sewer and water infrastructure, please contact the City of Bloomington Utilities Division at 952-563-4568. For information regarding the CenterPoint Energy project, contact CenterPoint Energy at 612-321-5200.