Temporary Pandemic Housing Permit

On Monday February 1, the Bloomington City Council unanimously adopted a resolution allowing Temporary Pandemic Housing. This resolution allows flexibility from the zoning code to allow service providers and qualifying partner hotels, after an approval, to provide emergency shelter services for the homeless. This temporary measure is tied to the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order 20-01. When the declaration has ended the hotel and provider will have up to 180 days to cease emergency shelter operations.

Does this apply to you? 

If you are a hotel that is currently providing shelter services or planning to start providing shelter services you are required to receive a Temporary Pandemic Housing Permit. This permit requires an application, which will be reviewed by various City of Bloomington departments including Fire, Police, Environmental Health, Building and Inspection, Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and Planning. The Planning Division will take in the permit application and coordinate routing the application materials to the various departments. 

Application and Permit Requirements

The fillable PDF application can be found here:  PDF icon Temporary Pandemic Housing Permit Application.pdf

Detailed permit requirements are found here:  PDF icon Temporary Pandemic Housing Requirements.pdf

The fire safety checklist can be found here:  PDF icon Fire Safety Check List.pdf

The following are required to be submitted with the the application for new and existing shelters:

  • Security Plan
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Management and Operation Plan
  • Transition Plan
  • Building and Site Plan
  • COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

If you are submitting for a new emergency shelter (not in operation before February 1, 2021) the following criteria must be met:

  • Must be within half mile of high frequency transit route
  • Must be located within half mile of grocery store or pharmacy
  • Must not be located in area prohibiting residential under the MSP Airport Zoning Ordinance
  • Must not be located in R-1, R-1A, RS-1, and R-3 zoning districts

Full Resolution 

The full resolution and permit details can be found here:    PDF icon Item 7.1 - Resolution 2021-11 - Resolution Temporary Pandemic Housing with_Application_Signed.pdf


If you have any questions or would like to submit for a Temporary Pandemic Housing Permit please contact:

Michael Palermo, Planner, MPalermo@BloomingtonMN.gov                  (952) 563-8924

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