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Police Programs

Bingo with a Cop

Officers meet monthly with local residents and community members at various sites throughout the city to talk, get acquainted and simply play Bingo. Similar to Coffee with a Cop there are no agendas or topics, just officers sitting with our community members and getting to know each other. This is a step to stand together, promote community partnerships and unity in a time where there is so much divide. BINGO with Bloomington's Finest is a great day to showcase how impactful police-community relationships can be along with citizen involvement. When law enforcement and the community work closely together, some amazing things can happen.

Bloomington Business Watch

Business Watch Logo

Business Watch is a free program offered by the Bloomington Police Department to all businesses in the city. The program is an excellent way to keep in contact and network on issues specific to doing business in Bloomington. Information sharing is invaluable and membership in this program builds cohesiveness within the Bloomington Business Community.

Bloomington Police Citizens Academy

The Bloomington Police Citizens Academy is offered each fall.

We have found the academy to be especially effective in enhancing communication between officers and citizens through the sharing of knowledge and information of police practices.

The Citizens Academy will take place annually on Thursday nights for ten weeks. Typically from mid-September through mid-November. There is no cost to attend, but due to high demand for the class, you are expected to commit to all ten weeks. We hope you will consider registering.  

Book'Em Annual Used Book Sale

The Bloomington Crime Prevention Association has held Book'Em annually since 1992. Proceeds from the sale help fund crime prevention and awareness programs, including the Bloomington Police Explorers and the Bloomington Police Department.

Coffee With a Cop

Coffee with a Cop Logo.

This meet-and-greet program is designed to provide residents an opportunity to get to know the Bloomington Police Department and its officers. Coffee with a Cop will take place at various coffee shop locations throughout Bloomington every month. These events are agenda free, no speeches or specific topics; just informal conversations about what matters to you.

National Night Out

The 35th annual National Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

Each year, Neighborhood Watch Block Captains throughout Bloomington organize block parties to celebrate National Night Out.

Neighborhood Watch

Concerned residents are the best asset any police department has in fighting crime. The Neighborhood Watch program was developed to train and educate residents in ways to be involved, stay informed and work together with their neighbors to address mutual concerns and find solutions. A watch program is neighbors helping neighbors.

Safe Summer Nights

A Bloomington Police sponsored event bringing the community and police together in a safe, fun, low key & no pressure event. The events are dubbed "Safe Summer Nights," and they offer a way for neighbors and police officers to meet in the city for an evening of free food, games and community building. Private businesses provide all the food and drinks and work the grills. We, the police, provide the opportunity to build stronger bonds with our neighbors and community. The cities Park and Rec dept. has been extremely helpful in getting all the fun events for the kids up and running.

School Engagement Events

We dedicate ourselves to visiting each elementary and middle school a minimum of twice a semester. This includes greeting students and passing out “color changing” pencils to every student before school in the morning. We volunteer at every school to serve breakfast to the students in the morning. This is in addition to regular weekly school safety visits, classroom reading visits and volunteer lunch serving duties. 


Skim Stop is a program that is designed to prevent skimming devices being placed on or in gas station pumps. Skimming is a method of stealing personal information obtained from a credit card terminal during payment. Numerous Bloomington gas stations are participating in the program in an effort to safeguard your account information when you use your credit card at a gas pump.

Voices Heard: A Conversation Between Youth and Cops

This community-building project brings together twenty high school students and ten police officers to engage in a transparent, authentic dialogue. Youth and cop participants will gather in a safe space to share their personal stories with each other. This is an opportunity for youth to constructively share the experiences they and the community have had with police officers, it is also an opportunity for police to offer a glimpse behind the badge. This story can only be told if you get involved and begin to change the narrative.