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Joint Community Police Partnership


The Joint Community Police Partnership (JCPP) is a collaborative effort between Hennepin County and the cities of Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Hopkins, and Richfield. Our mission is to enhance communication and understanding between law enforcement and the multicultural residents of these cities. By building trust and communication between police departments and community members, we aim to improve the safety and livability of our communities.

What are the goals of JCPP?

In order to build and enhance police-community relations, JCPP is focused on three main goals:

  • Improving community member’s knowledge and understanding of police procedures and laws.
  • Improving officer’s knowledge and understanding of the diverse cultural communities residing in their cities.
  • Providing opportunities for positive interaction and two-way communication between police officers and community members.

How do we achieve those goals?

This work is led by designated community liaisons embedded in each police department, and the city tailors their programs to meet specific community needs. At the Bloomington Police Department, we work towards achieving the goals of the JCPP through the following:

  • Regular meetings with police officers and leadership, to discuss ongoing and emerging community concerns, and review police policies with an eye towards building trust and transparency with community
  • Community meetings and forums to address community and police concerns
  • Training provided to the police department on implicit bias, cultural competency and procedural justice
  • A Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) that meets with police department officials on a monthly basis to discuss topics that are important to their communities
  • Partnerships with local service providers, schools and houses of worship, which serve as conduits to our communities
  • Various community engagement initiatives centered around building and enhancing police-community relations, particularly with vulnerable communities
  • Recruitment of diverse community service and police officer candidates who are representative of our community
  • New Americans Academy for adult community members, particularly immigrants and refugees, aimed at improving community understanding of police procedures and laws
  • Developing multilingual resources, to better serve our non-English speaking community

How can I get involved?  

  • Consider including the police department in a community or cultural event you are organizing or participating in
  • Volunteer to host a community meeting in your home, place of work or house of worship
  • Apply to serve on our Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC). The MAC meets monthly with police department officials, and provides an opportunity for two-way communication and enhanced mutual understanding between police and the community. MAC members must live, work or worship in Bloomington, and be willing to represent a particular community or strategic community partner.

For questions about the JCPP or how to get involved, contact