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Maintenance Division


Maintenance Division


The City's Maintenance Division maintains and improves 342 miles of roadways, 492 cul-de-sacs, 78 parks and playgrounds and more than 50 City facilities. 

Don't grow these trees in Bloomington

Per Section 18.03 of the City Code, it is unlawful to plant any of the following trees within the city:

  • Ginkgo – maidenhair tree female only (Ginkgo biloba)
  • Boxelder – also known as ash-leaved maple (Acer negundo)
  • Eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides)
  • Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra italica) 
  • Buckthorn – common or European (Rhamnus Cathartica)
  • Buckthorn – glossy, including all cultivars (Rhamnus Frangula)
  • Ash – all species, varieties and cultivars (Fraxinus All)


The City of Bloomington continues to support the enhancement and preservation of our community forest, both public and private.

Park maintenance

Park maintenance maintains parkgrounds, trails, playfields and picnic facilities. They are also responsible for snow removal on over 300 miles of sidewalks throughout the city.

Road weight limits

The City of Bloomington follows MnDOT's schedule for imposing and removing spring road weight limit restrictions.

Additional information can be found by calling MnDOT at 651-296-3000 or by visiting the MnDOT website.

View the road weight limits map for Bloomington

Street maintenance

The City is responsible for maintaining 342 miles of pavement (streets). Routine maintenance of the streets reduces the number of repairs required. Scheduled maintenance programs include crack sealing, sealcoating and overlay.

The goal is to patch areas that will provide a safe street network throughout the City. Any calls received are generally handled within 24 hours. Every seven years, all streets are sealed through a systematic process using the City's Pavement Management Program.

Street maintenance strategies

Sidewalk maintenance

Sidewalks constructed in the right-of-way are repaired and maintained by the Street Maintenance Division. The city's sidewalks are divided into three districts. Each year, sidewalks in one of the three districts are inventoried, surveyed for repair needs and scheduled for repair. If you have a sidewalk concern, please call 952-563-8760.

Street sweeping

Cleaning city streets provides safe conditions for all modes of transportation. This includes sweeping and flushing services for over 342 miles of streets and bike lanes. Clean streets improve air standards and stormwater quality for the citizens of Bloomington.

City streets are swept twice a year in spring and fall. Spring sweeping begins in early April and takes approximately four to five weeks. Fall sweeping is complete in October. Crews work two shifts: Monday - Friday, 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 12 to 8 p.m. 

The City alternates sweeping start and finish points each year so that no area is always first or last. Fall sweeping is NOT intended to sweep up leaves. Residents are responsible for leaf collection.

Do not rake leaves into the street. Leaves blown into the street are a major problem for storm sewer systems, as they clog grates and pipes, which contribute to back-ups and/or flooding.

Leaves also accumulate in pipes. This contributes to reduction in water flow and also gives mosquitoes breeding areas. When leaves make it to the creek, pond or river, they reduce water flow and use up oxygen, which reduces the viability of aquatic life.

Leaves in the street also are a safety problem, especially when wet. Cars can easily slide on wet leaves and fail to stop. Frozen leaves present a problem for both motorists and the City's snow removal teams.

Street sweeping progress map (spring and fall)

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Street maintenance data hub

Explore the City of Bloomington's Street Maintenance Geospatial Hub for more information

Street Maintenance GIS Hub
Street Maintenance GIS Hub