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Prescribed burning in your neighborhood


In April and May each year, the Park Maintenance Division, Bloomington Fire Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conduct prescribed burns together to restore the native prairies, wetlands and park landscapes within the City of Bloomington.

Prescribed burns do a lot of good. They: 

  • Remove built-up thatch material and weed seeds.
  • Invigorate new growth and seeding of desirable native plants, trees and wildflowers.
  • Help to control invasive tree and shrub species that threaten species native to the ecosystem.
  • Minimize the spread of pest insects and disease.
  • Improve habitat for threatened and endangered species.
  • Reduce hazardous fuels, protecting human communities from extreme fires.

The Park Maintenance Division has developed a three- to five-year burn rotation plan that encompasses park areas in Bloomington that meet the requirements and restrictions established by the Minnesota DNR, state legislation and City ordinance. 

To minimize risk to residents and property, prescribed burns are conducted only when:

  • Fuel in the burn area is dry.
  • Wind velocities are moderate, 5 - 15 MPH, in a direction that results in the least amount of smoke impact on the residential area.
  • Humidity is 35% - 80%.
  • Air temperature is 32° - 65° F.

Because of these variables, the exact timing may not be known until the day before or the day of the burn. Staff will go door to door in an attempt to notify residents directly adjacent to the burn area on the day of the burn.

2021 Locations

The following have been identified as top-priority locations for 2021. Some addresses are not exact, but are intended to provide an approximate location.

  1. Nord Myr Marsh - 8601 Normandale Blvd.
  2. Pond C – Old Shakopee Rd. & Cedar Ave. S.  Completed April 22
  3. Nine Mile Bluff Prairie (Central Park) – W. 108th St. & Morgan Ave. S. 
  4. Heritage Hills Park North – 4701 W. 102nd St.
  5. Hyland Hills Park – 9900 Dakota Road
  6. Pond Dakota Mission Park – 401 E. 104th St.
  7. Tarnhill Park – 9650 Little Rd.
  8. Marsh Lake Park North – France Ave. S. & W. 98th St.
  9. Marsh Lake Park South – France Ave. S. & W. 98th St.
  10. Bloomington Ice Garden – 3600 W. 98th St.
  11. Normandale Lake Park South – W. 84th St. & Normandale Blvd.
  12. West Bush Lake Park – W. 95th St. & West Bush Lake Rd. 
  13. Scofield Meadow (Central Park) – W. 106th St. & Humboldt Ave. S. 
  14. Bill Warren Park – Bloomington Ferry Rd. & Aquila Rd. 
  15. Bloomington Civic Plaza – 1800 W. Old Shakopee Rd.
  16. Girard Lake Park – 8401 France Ave. S.

The goal, weather permitting, is to complete these burns between April 1 and May 31.

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