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Contact Information

Office of Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


Racial Equity Strategic Planning Committee (RESPC)


Process Led by United Health Group Equity Innovation Lab

In January 2021, the Bloomington City Council declared racism to be a public health crisis affecting the well-being of its Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) residents. In doing so, the Council acknowledged that Bloomington has significant racial disparities in all aspects of community well-being, including health, education, employment, income, and housing. The Council also acknowledged that addressing this crisis requires us to expand beyond ongoing internal efforts to embed racial equity principles in our policies and practices and programs. 

“The City absolutely has a role to play, but we cannot address critical issues such as the racial income gap and lack of affordable housing, alone,” Racial Equity Coordinator Faith Jackson said “Solving these challenges truly requires cross-sector collaboration. We need to hear directly from our community members and partner with organizations that bring additional influence, capacity, and resources to birth innovative and creative solutions to the issues that have plagued our community for far too long.”

Summary of draft prototypes

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