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Water Well Program


Before the City provided water, all homes relied upon private wells for drinking water. These homes were also connected to private septic systems. In the 1960s, many private wells were found to be contaminated. This lead the City to provide municipal water and sewer service. A small number of homes are not connected to City water or sewer and still rely on a private well for drinking water and/or a septic system.

A private well that is maintained and used for irrigation is allowed as long as the well water system is not connected to the pipes carrying City water into your home. If the well is not in use for irrigation it must be sealed by a Minnesota Department of Health Licensed Contractor. The contractor will apply for the City's Well Sealing permit.  


About Wells (For Residents)

Interactive Well Search Map 

Access the Interactive Well Search Map

  • Search by street address in the search box in the upper left corner.
  • Blue dots represent water wells. Click on the blue dot to see the information the City has regarding your well:
    • Unique well numbers are assigned by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) upon construction. Old wells are assigned Unique Numbers by the City beginning with 27W.
    • The status of the well will let you know if it is sealed, unknown, or in use.
    • Sealed wells will have a MN Well Sealing number beginning with H.
    • If the City has received a well sealing record, you may download a copy by clicking “More Info”.
  • Well locations are approximate.
    • The City has information on some old wells, but not the location.
  • If a property has no blue dot, a well may still exist at the property. Please contact our office for assistance in determining if the property has a well based on the year of construction and the date of City water connection.

If you have questions, additional information about the well on your property, or if you notice errors in the Map, please contact our office.

*Disclaimer: This product is for informational purposes only.  The City of Bloomington has made every effort to insure the accuracy of the information provided on its website. The City of Bloomington provides no warranty, express or implied, about the correctness of the information herein.

Well Permit Application (For Contractors)

Only a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licensed water well contractor can seal a well. Licensed contractors can apply for well permits and pay online through the Permit Portal.

Well Disclosure At Property Transfer

Well disclosure is required at property transfer. For more information on well disclosure, visit the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Well Disclosure website.

Septic Systems 

Hennepin County provides permitting and inspection services for septic systems in Bloomington.