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Public Swimming Pools & Spas


Swimming pool and spa safety is not only a contemporary issue with recent state and federal legislation, but a regulated program in the City of Bloomington. The City licenses and inspects about 180 public swimming pool and spas. 

From construction guidelines, plan review and routine inspections the City of Bloomington works with pool operators to ensure public pools and spas are maintained in a manner that minimizes public health risk. In addition, the Building and Inspection Division reviews plans and grants construction approval for residential pools and spas to ensure the structures conform to City Code requirements.

General information and regulations
 City resources
MN Department of Health
Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act

[MN Statute 144.1222 Public Pools]

  • Daily inspection: The pool operator is required to conduct a physical inspection of the drain covers and grates on a daily basis. The daily pool log must reflect this inspection. If at any time an outlet cover or grate is missing, broken, or loose the pool must be closed immediately.
  • Installed to manufacturer's specifications: All drain covers and grates must be installed with screws that meet the manufacturer's specifications.
  • All public pools must have one of the following:
    • An unblockable suction outlet or drain.
    • At least two suction outlets, connected in parallel with suction outlet covers that meet ASME/ANSI standards.
    • A gravity outlet or drain.
  • Failure to comply with this regulation will result in immediate closure of the pool and the City of Bloomington will not renew your license.