Complaints and code compliance

Report a problem or make a complaint

There are two ways to file a complaint about a property in Bloomington.  Complainants can remain anonymous:

  1. Call 952-563-8934, or
  2. Email

We'll need to know...

Our staff will need the following information in order to be effective in addressing a situation you report:

  • What is the property address or name of establishment?
  • What is the problem?
  • How can we contact you if we need more information or to tell you what action was taken? (optional)

What happens after I make a complaint?

An inspector visits the property within a few days of the complaint. If violations of City Code are found a notice is sent to the owner so that they may correct the problem. Compliance may take ten days to several months, so please be patient. If you would like an update on the property please remember to leave your contact information on the initial complaint.

Code compliance in Bloomington

Well-maintained properties play a big role in a community's prosperity. Among the responsibilities of the Environmental Health Division is monitoring and responding to problems with properties when they fall into violation with standards set forth in the City Code.

Learn more about Environmental Health's duties that relate to each of these categories of property: