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Signs - Common commercial code violations


Temporary Signs

Note that Permanent Signs are processed by the City Planning Division

The City recognizes that many businesses or organizations have temporary promotions during the year and that these events are typically publicized with temporary signs. In most instances a permit is required to display a temporary sign. [BCC Sect. 19.118 & 19.119]

Other Signs


Electronic Changeable Copy and Electronic Graphic Display Signs

The following summarizes operational parameters from BCC Section 19.108 (h), which addresses the requirements for electronic sign displays:


  • In all approved zoning districts, any portion of a text message must have a minimum duration of 8 seconds.
  • When any graphics, logos, or images are displayed the message must have a minimum duration of 20 minutes.


  • All messages must be a static display - no animation or movement
  • No portion of the transition, image or text may flash, scroll (up, down or left, right), twirl, change color, fade, dissolve or in any manner imitate movement.
  • The change sequence must be accomplished by means of instantaneous re-pixalization.

Prohibited signs

Prohibited Signs (BCC Section 19.106)

  • Signs on natural features (trees, rocks, etc.)
  • Portable (trailer) signs
  • Flashing or animated signs
  • Vehicle signs (Vehicle violations)
  • Roof signs
  • Flags (only where allowed by code)
  • Balloon signs (>24 inches)
  • Retail window coverage greater than 25% (30% for service stations)
  • Signs in street rights-of-way or attached to utility/light poles.
  • Signs that interfere with street signs and traffic control devices.
  • Signs that interfere with intersections

Exempt signs

Regulated Signs Exempt from Permits (BCC Section 19.105)

  • Real Estate Signs (requirements vary by zoning district.  Call with questions)
  • Balloons less than twenty-four (24) inches in diameter.
  • Window signs, provided they do not cover more than 25% of the visible opening and are installed inside the building. Exterior window signage requires a
  • Building Identification numbers
  • Construction signs, home improvement, remodeling signs (1 / street frontage)
  • State, national, international, military or affiliated organization flags
  • Garage sales (4/sale and 2 events/yr)
  • Security Signs
  • Murals
  • Political Signs
  • Public notices
  • Traffic control signs
  • Employment Opportunities Announcements
  • Future Development Signs