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Commercial code compliance: Common violations


Most violations are complaint based investigations or are initiated by an inspector during systematic area inspections.

Keeping properties up to code not only ensures that health and zoning regulations do what they were enacted to do: protect the health and safety of the public;  but it also creates value in our city by making properties more appealing and developing inherent pride in our community.The following are the most commonly cited nuisance and zoning violations.

    How we work

    Inspectors investigate every complaint that is received or observed.  After verifying a violation the inspector will attempt to make contact with the owner and/or tenant, and send them a letter notifying them of the code violation.

    Inspectors often spend a considerable amount of time explaining the City’s code requirements and the reasons behind them.  This educational component helps strengthen partnerships and reduces the number of cases that need to be resolved by legal action.  If violations are not resolved by the “final” written notice, the case is referred to our Legal Department.  The majority of violations are resolved within a few days, but some situations may take months.

    If owners or tenants have legitimate reasons that a violation cannot be completed by the compliance date on the City’s written orders, it is best to contact the inspector to discuss these reasons.  Most of the time, a reasonable compliance timeframe can be agreed to, as long as an effective action plan is purposed. The City’s goal is sustained compliance.