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Utilities Division

Utility Crews

Utilities employs more than 50 people to run the water treatment plant, do field maintenance, serve customers and administer the area. Working in the background all day and every day, the division processes clear, clean water at the water treatment plant and distributes it to your tap. The same efficiency is used to manage the sanitary sewer collection system that processes your "used" wastewater.

The third water use component is storm water, the runoff from rains and snow. Managing storm water and safeguarding wetlands are functions of the Engineering Division.

The City of Bloomington does not have water restrictions in place now and does not anticipate any in the future. Learn how you can help conserve water.

MCES Bloomington Area Regional Sewer Improvements

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection treatment system, is making improvements to aging and deteriorating regional sanitary sewer facilities that serve homes and businesses in the City of Bloomington.

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Water service line coverage solicitations

In the past, many Bloomington residents have received solicitation letters from one of several companies who are selling water service line protection coverage.

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Important phone numbers

24-hour emergency


Back-ups and leaks


Water Treatment Plant


Water billing


Start or cancel account


Determine billing status of an address


To start or discontinue water service
Or to inquire about the billing status of an address, contact

Utility Billing

952-563-8740 (TTY)