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What is the Portland Legacy Project?

The Portland Legacy project is a collaboration between the cities of Bloomington and Richfield who were selected to participate in the 2020 Congress for New Urbanism’s (CNU) Legacy Project.  This initiative brings a nationally recognized design firm - TSW Architects and Planners out of Atlanta and Toole Design Group - to engage our communities to explore opportunities and actions both cities can take to revitalize this aging commercial area and enhance access and walkability. 

Normally, the process is based on a four-day community design workshop with an emphasis on face-to-face community participation. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the Portland Legacy Project activities planned in 2020.  This year, the TSW team conducted virtual stakeholder listening sessions, a virtual kick-off meeting and provided online engagement opportunities (see link below). 

Portland Gateway Report

The Legacy Project culminated in the creation of a framework report that summarizes key opportunities and challenges in the study area and defines a set of strategies the two cities can use to guide decisions about redevelopment and public realm enhancements.  The final report is conceptual in nature and is not the product of an extensive planning and iterative review process typical of our development district plans.  This report provides a thorough assessment of existing conditions and key challenges to redevelopment.  Because the project was a partnership between Richfield and Bloomington, some of the ideas presented are things one or the other city already does.  In addition, some ideas presented reflect strategies that have been successful in communities across the country and will require further study to determine if feasible in Minnesota. 

The full Portland Gateway Report is provided below.  Select sections are placed in separate tabs below for easy access:

PDF of full Report available here:  

Next Steps
  • Bloomington and Richfield officials will review and accept the Report at their respective meetings over the summer (2021).
  • The Report provides valuable base information staff and city officials can consider regarding actions such as: code amendments and rezonings; annual work plan items; and annual updates to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). 
  • As individual actions are moved forward, more extensive internal and community review will be conducted along with public hearings, if required.