Environmental reviews

Information about Areawide Urban Alternative Review (AUAR), Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW), and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) documents.

Areawide Urban Alternative Review (AUAR)

An Areawide Urban Alternative Review is a form of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The purpose of an AUAR is to analyze potential impacts from a number of projects within a specific geographic area.

Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)

An Environmental Assessment Worksheet is a document that is designed to assess the potential environmental effects associated with a proposed project. The EAW serves to determine if further environmental review, in the form of an EIS, is needed.

  • 8100 Tower and Hotel
  • Mall of America Phase II
  • Norman Pointe Office Development

(EAW information on the developments listed above can be obtained by contacting the Planning Division at 952-563-8920)

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

The purpose of an Environmental Impact Statement is to evaluate the potential for significant environmental impacts of a proposed project and to investigate methods to reduce adverse environmental effects. An EIS is also used to consider possible alternatives to the proposed projects.

  • I-494 Reconstruction
  • Norman Pointe Office Development
  • Mall of America

For more information, contact the Environmental Quality Board.