Development Review Committee (DRC)

The City of Bloomington strives to provide customers with rapid, complete service while reviewing applications, processing requests and conducting public hearings. To do this efficiently and effectively, the City must have complete and accurate information from all applicants.

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is composed of representatives of all City departments and divisions involved in development, zoning, land use and infrastructure. It reviews proposed land subdivisions and buildings for compliance with fire protection and personal safety standards. The responsibilities of the DRC extend to all aspects of physical development in Bloomington, as well as major activities requiring cooperation and coordination among many operating departments.

DRC meets twice a month on Tuesday morning.  To be placed on the agenda, a request and information must be received before noon the preceding Wednesday.  Contact the Planning Division at (952) 563-8920 or for questions.


  • Generate comprehensive recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council regarding development proposals.
  • Provide applicants with guidance and direction concerning City plans and policies.
  • Reduce the time required for staff review following final approval of development projects by the City Council.
  • Provide a regular forum for sharing information among the City's departments, and between developers and City staff.


Day and time: Twice a month on Tuesdays at 9 a.m.
Location: Due to COVID social distancing guidelines, meetings are being conducted by electronic means, until further notice.
Agendas: Close at noon on the preceding Wednesday

Review process

  1. Meet informally with the appropriate City Staff. This will generally begin in the Planning Division, but may include other departments or divisions. At this meeting, potential applicants will outline their proposals, and staff will determine the proper approval procedure.
  2. A pre-application review by the DRC will be scheduled at the applicant's convenience. Applicants should bring as much detail about their proposal as they have available, including written descriptions of the proposal, surveys, drawings, sketches, technical data, etc. Applicants are encouraged to submit as much information as possible at the time the informal review is requested so Committee members are familiar with the proposal. This pre-application review is required before an application for review by the Planning Commission can be accepted by the City. Applications submitted without this informal review may be rejected.
  3. From the information provided by staff and the pre-application review, the applicant will prepare a complete development application for submission.
  4. All development applications are to be submitted electronically through the portal to the Planning Division. Incomplete applications may be rejected. Please work with Planning Staff if interested in making application who will set up a case file to aide in your submittal.  At the time an application is accepted, a review date for post-application review by the DRC, and public hearing by the Planning Commission, will be established. (see #6)
  5. The DRC will review the application for compliance with the City's plans, policies, ordinances and provide direction at the pre-application review, and provide the Planning Commission and City Council with its recommendation.
  6. Some applications (for example, renewal of temporary permits, minor changes of occupancy that do not affect public systems or site conditions) may be processed without DRC post-application review. After a pre-application review, the DRC may determine that no post-application review is necessary.