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Minnesota recently became the 23rd state in the nation to legalize recreational cannabis (marijuana) use for those 21 years and older. Click on the drop-down menu below to learn about some of the health impacts of cannabis.

MDH cautions consumers about illegal high-dose THC products

December 13, 2023

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) is alerting the public to beware of consuming hemp-derived cannabinoid products containing doses of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) above the state legal limit. The legal limit for hemp-derived cannabinoid products in Minnesota is 5 mg/serving and 50 mg/package for edibles.

Consumer alert information

MDH urges consumers to shop with caution and read labels closely. 

Illegal, high-dose hemp-derived products may contain hundreds of milligrams of THC per serving, and with multiple servings in a package, this can add up to thousands of milligrams of THC – far above the legal limit of 5mg/serving or 50 mg/package for edibles. These products are produced by a variety of manufacturers and if consumed may lead to adverse health effects, such as becoming unresponsive, seizures, or psychotic episodes. 

MDH asks Minnesotans to not purchase products that exceed the legal limits for THC and to report the products to MDH if found for sale.

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