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Building and Inspections Division


Time-of-Sale (TOS) Housing Inspection Program


The Time-of-Sale (TOS) Housing Inspection Program provides potential purchasers with information about the condition of a dwelling and requires the correction of immediate hazards or assumption of hazards by the new buyer.

A Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection must be completed and a Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report must be filed with the City of Bloomington for all single and two-family dwellings, condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes offered for sale. Multi-family rental buildings of four (4) or more units are not included. 

New licenses and annual renewals

Please complete required documents and email to

Payment is due at the time of application by Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit card or by check payable to City of Bloomington:


Time-of-Sale evaluation reports

To verify whether or not a Time-of-Sale initial inspection has been conducted on a property within the last year, you may search by address through the Property Locator page. To obtain a copy of the Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report or Certificate of Compliance, please call 952-563-8930.

  • Original Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report for a dwelling must be displayed on the dwelling site and be provided to the buyer before or at the time of sale of the dwelling.
  • Copy of the original Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report must be submitted to the City of Bloomington within 7 calendar days after the evaluation has been done.
  • Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report and Certificate of Compliance is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report and Certificate of Compliance is valid only for the owner named on the report.
  • The Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report covers items found on the 

Time-of-Sale exclusions

  • TOS Evaluators are not required to evaluate inaccessible, concealed or unsafe areas, climb up on roofs, or disassemble items.
  • TOS initial inspection and resulting Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report does not address environmental hazards such as lead paint, radon, or asbestos.
  • TOS initial inspection and resulting Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report offers a limited overview of the condition of a dwelling's components and fixtures. The TOS inspection and Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report is not technically extensive.
  • Prospective buyers may decide to obtain a separate inspection prior to purchasing a dwelling.


Time-of-Sale evaluator exam

The exam is administered quarterly in the Community Development Department on the first floor at Bloomington Civic Plaza.

Register below or call the Building and Inspection Division. 

  • Mechanical Contractor test fee: $35
  • TOS Evaluator test fee: $50

For Independent TOS Evaluator licensing only

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The City is pausing testing for the Time of Sale (TOS) Evaluator program through 2021.
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