Time-of-Sale (TOS) Housing Inspection Program

The Time-of-Sale (TOS) Housing Inspection Program provides potential purchasers with information about the condition of a dwelling and requires the correction of immediate hazards or assumption of hazards by the new buyer. A Time-of-Sale Housing Inspection must be completed and a Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report must be filed with the City of Bloomington for all single and two-family dwellings, condominiums, townhouses and mobile homes offered for sale. Multi-family rental buildings of four (4) or more units are not included. 

Arrange a Time-of-Sale (TOS) Inspection

Schedule the initial Time-of-Sale inspection by calling the Building & Inspections Division or by choosing from the list of Independent TOS Evaluators Licensed by the City of Bloomington (listed in the side bar).

  • Must be scheduled by the owner or listing agent.
  • Must be scheduled before listing and showing single family homes, town homes, or condominiums.
  • Must be done for properties being sold privately (e.g. to a family member) and perhaps not being listed.
  • City of Bloomington charges $190 payable only by credit card and schedules specific times only during weekday business hours.
  • Independent TOS Evaluators set their own fees and schedules which may include evenings, weekends, holidays and last-minute.
  • Please allow 90 minutes for the inspector to complete the initial inspection. If personal property is located within the home the applicant or representative over the age of 18 must meet the City of Bloomington evaluator on site for the inspection.

Time-of-Sale (TOS) Evaluation Report

To verify whether or not a Time-of-Sale initial inspection has been conducted on a property within the last year, you may search by address through the Property Locator page. To obtain a copy of the Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report or Certificate of Compliance, please call 952-563-8930.

  • Original Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report for a dwelling must be displayed on the dwelling site and be provided to the buyer before or at the time of sale of the dwelling.
  • Copy of the original Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report must be submitted to the City of Bloomington within 7 calendar days after the evaluation has been done.
  • Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report and Certificate of Compliance is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report and Certificate of Compliance is valid only for the owner named on the report.

Time-of-Sale Exclusions

  • TOS Evaluators are not required to evaluate inaccessible, concealed or unsafe areas, climb up on roofs, or disassemble items.
  • TOS initial inspection and resulting Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report does not address environmental hazards such as lead paint, radon, or asbestos.
  • TOS initial inspection and resulting Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report offers a limited overview of the condition of a dwelling's components and fixtures. The TOS inspection and Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report is not technically extensive.
  • Prospective buyers may decide to obtain a separate inspection prior to purchasing a dwelling.

Hazardous Items

The Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report covers items found on the Time-of-Sale Hazardous Item Handout.

Immediate Hazardous Items

Nine items not meeting current codes or standards have been identified as immediate hazards which are conditions or defects likely to cause injury to a person or property if not corrected.

Taken from Bloomington City Code, Chapter 14, Division C.

  1. Heating systems that are unsafe due to burned out or rusted heat exchangers; burned out, rusted or plugged flues; no vent; connection with unsafe gas supplies; or incapacity to adequately heat the living space.
  2. Water heaters that are unsafe due to burned out or rusted heat exchangers; burned out, rusted or plugged flues; no vent; connection with unsafe gas supplies; or lack of temperature and pressure relief valves.
  3. Electrical systems that are unsafe due to dangerous overloading; damaged or deteriorated equipment; improperly taped or spliced wiring; exposed uninsulated wires; temporary distribution systems; ungrounded systems; or extension cords used with permanent appliances (e.g., garage door openers and window unit air conditioners).
  4. Plumbing systems that are unsanitary due to leaking waste systems, fixtures or traps; lack of an operating toilet; lack of washing and bathing facilities; cross connection of municipal water supply with fixtures or sewage lines; or the lack of water.
  5. Structural systems, including walls, chimneys, ceilings, roofs, foundations, floor systems or decks which are not capable of carrying imposed loads.
  6. Exterior roofs, walls, chimneys and foundations that are not weather tight and water tight to the extent that it creates an immediate hazard.
  7. Abandoned fuel tanks.
  8. Refuse, garbage, human waste, decaying vermin or other dead animals, animal waste, vermin infestation or other materials rendering residential building and structures unsanitary for human occupancy.
  9. Lack of properly located and operational smoke detectors.

Correcting Hazardous Conditions or Buyer Assumes Hazards

When hazardous items are identified by the TOS Evaluator, a TOS re-inspection must be scheduled with the City of Bloomington to follow up and determine whether the hazardous condition has been corrected.

If an immediate hazard exists, it must be corrected, and if the dwelling is occupied, corrective action must be taken by the owner or the owner's agent. If the dwelling is vacant, it cannot be occupied until all hazards are corrected.

If the owner / seller cannot or will not undertake corrective action, the buyer may elect to assume the immediate hazards identified in the Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report. A buyer intending to assume the hazards must first obtain written consent from the City of Bloomington by signing, in person at the City of Bloomington - this is currently being done via DOCUSIGN contact 952-563-8930 in order to obtain the Hazard Correction/Responsibility form via email.

The owner or the owner's contractor(s) must obtain all the necessary permits from the City of Bloomington and the dwelling is subject to City of Bloomington re-inspection of all open permits prior to occupancy.

Handouts and Information Sheets

Certification Forms (Electrical and Heating)

Certificate of Compliance

The Certificate of Compliance is not yet available online. The Certificate of Compliance is typically required at closing.

If hazards (H items) are not found during the initial Time-of-Sale inspection, no further TOS inspections are required. The Certificate of Compliance is issued and sent by the City of Bloomington to the owner or listing agent. 

If hazards are found during the initial Time-of-Sale inspection, an inspector from the City of Bloomington must re-inspect all hazardous (H) corrections noted on the report.  Hazardous conditions must be corrected and approved by the City of Bloomington before the dwelling is occupied. If the dwelling is already occupied, corrective action shall be taken by the owner or agent of the owner.

Additional Questions

Is the Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report a warranty?

No. The evaluation does not result in a guarantee or warranty. The Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report will be completed through visual inspection of the property. The inspector cannot guarantee that problems will not occur after the inspection.

Are additional fees charged for the Time-of-Sale hazard re-inspection?

No. The fee paid at the time of the initial TOS inspection is the only fee associated with TOS inspections. If additional permits are required to correct items listed on the Time-of-Sale Evaluation Report, then additional permit fees will apply.

Must all identified problems be repaired?

No. Only items which pose an immediate hazard to the occupants of the structure are required to be repaired. Other deficiencies will, however, be noted in the Time-of-Sale Housing Evaluation Report.

What does a TOS Evaluator do?

The TOS Evaluator will examine:

  • The dwelling's visible structural elements.
  • Heating, electrical and plumbing systems.
  • Other components of construction.
  • Accessible, unoccupied areas such as attics and crawl spaces, but will not take apart any building components.

Problems hidden in inaccessible areas cannot be identified.

Time-of-Sale Evaluator Exam (for Independent TOS Evaluator licensing only)

The exam is administered quarterly starting at 8:00 am in the Community Development Department on the first floor at Bloomington City Hall.

You may register online or call the Building & Inspection Division to register.

Exam dates in 2020:

  • Friday, September 18, 2020
  • Friday, December 18, 2020

Time-of-Sale Licensing - New License and Annual Renewal

Please complete required documents and email to businesslicensing@bloomingtonmn.gov

Payment is due at the time of application by Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit card or by check payable to City of Bloomington:

Time of Sale New License Application

Time of Sale Annual Renewal Application