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Fire Stations

CALL 911 to report a fire or any other emergency.
For non-emergency inquiries, you can reach the Fire Department at 952-563-4801.

Fire Station No. 1

Station 1 opened in 1993 at 10 West 95th Street. It replaced the original station located on West 95th Street and Lyndale Avenue. Station 1 houses the Fire Department's administrative personnel: the fire chief, assistant chief, training chief, maintenance chief and two administrative assistants. Station 1 has a large, fully equipped training room and additional meeting areas. Station 1 is the most popular destination for public station tours because it is the largest station and has the most equipment on site.

Station one is home to 4 captains and 21 firefighters.

Fire Station No. 2

Station 2 was constructed in 1968 at 10601 Xerxes Ave S. It replaced the original Station two at West 102nd Street and Penn Avenue, which had started out as the Village Garage before being converted into a fire station in 1958.

Station 2 is home to 3 captains and 18 firefighters.

Fire Station No. 3

In July 2020, Station 3's firefighters moved into a newly constructed Station 3 at 2301 E. 86th Street. The new station offers better equipment storage capacity, training features and energy efficiency vs. the previous station, which had been located down the street at 2050 E. 86th Street.

Station 3 is home to 3 captains and 20 firefighters.

Fire Station No. 4

Station 4 opened in September 1970 at 4201 W. 84th Street.

Station 4 is home to 4 captains and 17 firefighters.

Changes are coming to Fire Station 4

This fire station has been serving the community for over 50 years and has reached the end of its useful life. The station lacks adequate space for equipment and doesn’t meet the health and safety needs of the firefighters.

Fire Station No. 5

Station 5 opened in October 1975 at 10540 Bush Lake Road.

Station 5 is home to 3 captains and 17 firefighters.

Fire Station No. 6

Station 6 opened in 1979 at 8601 Lakeview Road.

Station 6 is home to 2 captains and 11 firefighters.