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Creative Placemaking


WE Mural in South Loop

WE Mural curated by Ua Si Creative, commissioned by City of Bloomington in partnership with Artistry

The City of Bloomington’s Creative Placemaking Commission and Artistry are pleased to announce Ua Si Creative as the curator and producer for the South Loop Mural. Ua Si Creative coordinated the artistic team members who completed a series of murals located on two walls surrounding an Xcel Energy substation at the corner of American Boulevard and 30th Avenue South. Ua Si Creative was selected by a stakeholder panel and approved by the Creative Placemaking Commission. At 752 feet long, this is one of the longest murals in Minnesota. 

Curatorial Statement

WE intertwines our narratives, roots and futures by intersecting where we are, our differences and commonalities. Communities are not monolithic - each is nuanced and diverse in their own ways; lived in our bodies, our words, our actions, our beliefs. These times and realities have pulled us apart, together and against our breaking spirits, in search of hope. Multiple truths and histories exist and it matters who is doing the telling. WE can find common ground when we empathize, and learn ourstories. Ask yourself why, be curious, listen, reflect.

WE is a mural tapestry interconnecting facets that reflect the growing communities in Bloomington and nearby. The imagery reflects abstracted elements of natural worlds that draw across human conditions, profound teachings, and otherworldly realms. Symbols carry meanings inspired by culture bearers, ancestors, and continuous state of movements. WE come from polyphonic wilderness. Stemming from seeds and weeds, rivers and oceans, deserts and jungles, plains and mountains.

As a dedication, WE invited communities to a Sunset Block Party, a celebration that reimagined what it means to claim space, place, and community from daylight into the night. With each sun, comes opportunity. With each sunset, new stories manifest. Each cycle gives way to new possibilities.

WE mural tapestry is inspired by these narratives weaving past, present, and future as depicted by six local artists and artists groups.

The City of Bloomington values the artists and their contributions. The views, thoughts and ideas expressed in the following artist statements reflect their lived experiences and personal perspectives.


WE was curated and produced by Ua Si Creative, commissioned by City of Bloomington in partnership with Artistry as part of our creative placemaking efforts to establish a more vibrant, distinctive community located in the South Loop District of Bloomington, MN.

Ua Si Creative is a collective that amplifies community through arts, culture, and play. Ua Si Creative is Christina Vang, Ka Oskar Ly, Teeko Yang.

Mural Production Leads: Indigenous Roots.

Artists: Andrés Guzmán and Xee Reiter, City Mischief featuring Thomasina Topbear and Tom Jay, Marlena Myles, Martzia Thometz, Reggie LeFlore, and Ua Si Creative.


Thank you to the following partners for their support: Forecast Public Art, McGough, Metro Transit and Xcel Energy.

Photo courtesy of Ua Si Creative. Artists featured, left - right: Martzia Thometz, Thomasina Topbear, Marlena Myles, Xee Reiter, Andres Guzman. Bottom - Reggie LeFlore.