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Contact Information

Public Works Department


Public Works Department


Public Works maintains streets and parks, provides engineering services, protects Bloomington's wetlands, delivers clean, safe drinking water and provides wastewater services to the community all year round.

  • Engineering Division: Engineering Services, Street Design and Construction, Stormwater Resources, Traffic and Transportation Management
  • Maintenance Division: Equipment, Facilities, Parks, Street, Traffic
  • Utilities Division: Customer Service, Wastewater Collection, Water Distribution, Water Treatment Plant


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FAQ: Drainage


What is required if I want to dig or fill in my yard?

Prior to work, contact Gopher State One at 651-454-0002. In addition, obtain a grading permit from the City Building and Inspection Division (952-563-8930) if more than 50 cubic yards of material is involved or if the existing drainage pattern is altered.

What is a drainage and utility easement?

Typically the easement is five feet wide between properties and 10 feet wide adjacent to the right-of-way.


FAQ: Street maintenance


What can be done to improve my street?

The City has three options based on the condition of your street:

  1. Sealcoat: Apply a bituminous adhesive to the surface and add aggregate rock. Construction time: One day and four sweepings.
  2. Overlay: Mill (grind) off some of the existing surface and pave over. Construction time: 1-2 months.
  3. Reconstruct: Rebuild the entire street section and curb and gutter and build a new road. Construction time: 2-3 months.

When will my street be improved?

The City maintains a database with the condition of all the city streets in Bloomington. When a street rating falls into a certain range it is due for improvement. Streets currently scheduled for repair and reconstruction.

How will I know when the city plans to improve my street?

You will be invited to an informational meeting if the City will be reconstructing your street. For overlays, you will receive a flyer in the mail. There is no notification for sealcoating.


FAQ: Plat drawings


Is a plat drawing of my property available?

Yes, paper copies of a plat is available from the Engineering Division for a $4 fee for each sheet (22 inches x 34 inches). Visit our plat section to download 11 inch by 17 inch copies of the site.