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Fiber optics being installed in Bloomington

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If you see work being done in front of or along your property line, it could be crews installing fiber optics in your neighborhood. This work is not being carried out by the City of Bloomington. Broadband providers are doing the work as a first step in providing faster internet service to homes and businesses in Bloomington. Work is expected to continue throughout Bloomington for the next two to five years.

Many residents have had questions about this work, especially around property lines, right-of-way and easements.

Who to contact

The companies handling this installation in Bloomington have permits from the City. Please contact the company working in your area with project questions:

  • DirectLine /Intrepid (T-Mobile): 612-463-2348 or 763-807-2744.

  • Gigapower/ITG Installers (ATT): 884-331-1217 or 952-210-5097.

  • Lumen (CenturyLink): 763-326-2531 or 651-312-5630.

If you have difficulty identifying the company working in your area or want to report an incident, please complete a Fiber Installation Incident Report at

Rights of way and easements

Learn more about rights of way and easements ... 

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