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Understanding rights of way and easements

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In most Bloomington residential areas, the City controls a 60-foot-wide right-of-way, dedicated to the City through a plat or easement that may include sidewalk. Land within the right-of-way can be used for streets, sidewalks, public and private utilities, etc.  A typical street is 32- to 36-feet wide and is centered in the right-of-way. Approximately 10-15 feet of public right-of-way exists on either side of the street; therefore, the private property line is typically 10-15 feet behind the curb and gutter.

Utility or sidewalk easements may exist on private property adjacent to the right-of-way. Utility easements grant the rights for utilities such as gas, electric and communication lines, such as fiber optic cables, to be located on private property within the easement area.

For more information about rights-of-way or easements, contact Public Works Engineering at 952-563-4870 or


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