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Fiber optic cable installation in Bloomington


If you see non-City crews working in a right-of-way along a street near you, or in backyard drainage and utility easements, they may be installing fiber optic cable. The installation work is expected to continue through 2024. 

This work is not being carried out by the City of Bloomington. 

The companies installing fiber optic cable in Bloomington (listed below) have permits to perform the work. Please contact the crews working on the installations if you have questions about the project:

  • DirectLine / Intrepid (T-Mobile): 612-463-2348
  • Gigapower/ITG Installers (ATT): 884-331-1217 or 952-210-5097
  • Lumen (CenturyLink): 651-312-5630

Before starting work in a neighborhood, the companies contracted to do the work are expected to provide information to property owners about the work to be done, along with customer service contact information. Their trucks should be marked with company logos. 

If you have difficulty identifying the company working at a specific location, please contact the City's Engineering Division at 952-563-4870 for assistance.

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